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7 Things An Only Child Will Understand

Growing up an only child can be difficult but also rewarding. You get all the attention from your parents but you also feel lonely sometimes. Some may see only children as lucky but that is not something we always understand. Here’s seven things that only an only child would understand or agree with:


1. All of the attention is on us.

Seems great right? Well it’s not! When you mess up as an only child, the attention is always on you and you have absolutely no one else to blame anything on!


2. We aren’t that great at sharing.

While growing up, you never had that great privilege of sharing your clothes or toys with a sibling. When you got to college and your roommate helped herself to your stuff, you freaked out! When you’re an only child you have to ask yourself, what the hell is sharing?

3. We cling to big families.

You love hanging out with your best friend AND her two or three siblings. The whole family actually. You just sit back and explore the dynamic of the big-family feel and wish you could be a part of it.



4. The famous “oh you’re an only child? That explains a lot.”

You might throw a temper tantrum or complain about not getting your way and the person’s first response is “oh yeah I forgot you’re an only child, that explains a lot.”

5. We love attention.

We cannot deny this one, simply because it is true. We love being the center of attention because it has always been that way.


6. We treat our friends like family.

Since we didn’t have siblings to always be around, those late nights and sleepovers really made us happy. We made sure our friends felt at home at our house, which might freak us out a little.

7. Sometimes we can be more sensitive than others.

We didn’t grow up getting in petty arguments with siblings or getting roughhoused, so sometimes we can be a little more sensitive than others. With that being said, we also try to avoid conflict as muc

Kamara. 19. Illinois State University Contributing Writer.
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