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5 Tips for Remote Learning, from a Student Teacher



5 Tips for Remote Learning - Told from a student teacher 


Remote learning is tough, there is no doubt about that. It can be hard for some students to hold onto motivation, so I have laid out a few different tips that I always keep in mind and think can be beneficial to you.


  1. Do not procrastinate!

We can all admit that we are guilty of this, each and every one of us at some point. One way that helps me to not procrastinate is filling out a planner or making a list. This will help make sure that you are keeping yourself accountable for your work. Some days I find that writing down every last detail of what I need to do is the best way to keep me organized. Other days I find that I am more likely to complete work if I write down a simple to do list on my white board- find what is best for you.

Some suggestions:

  • Designate certain subjects to certain days. Personally, I like to put 100 % effort into everything that I do so I find that spacing my subjects out keeps me motivated and fresh minded.

  • Print out all of your syllabi and highlight any important dates. 

  • Set a timer. Do not overwork yourself otherwise you will be less likely to finish all the work and you will get burnt out. This brings me to my next tip! [bf_image id="2fs5t93fh6w8t863534mwk8v"] Make time for you! Your sanity is important!

The number one thing in your life is your own happiness. Sometimes it can be hard to make time for yourself with this busy world but I have learned that dedicating a day to yourself, or even just a few hours makes a world of a difference. You will come out feeling happier, more motivated, and energized. 

Some suggestions:

  • Take an extra long shower one night a week.

  • Dedicate Sunday mornings to coffee and a movie.

  • Choose one day a week to go out to eat with a friend or partner.

  • Journal 3 things you are grateful for every night 

  • Binge watch your favorite shows for one hour before bed.  [bf_image id="q5yft8-c34lxc-8a6hkx"]

3. Stay organized!

Staying organized helps your life in every aspect. Whether you like orderly organization or organized chaos, that is up to you. Find what works for you and stick to it! Do not let anyone tell you the way you organize is wrong, you know yourself best. And if what you are doing does not work well try taking tips from a youtube video or a friend.

Some suggestions:

  • Get a 3 cube organizer

  • Use post its

  • Buy a planner 

  • Use mason jars to hold your pens

  • Use paper and binder clips 

  • Find a place to only hold school supplies 

  • Use an accordion folder

  • Label everything! 

  • Colored pens, highlighters, and markers! [bf_image id="qg34sa-a22f74-5hcrri"]  4. ASK QUESTIONS! 

How will you ever know if you do not ask? As teachers we prepare to be asked questions, whether we know the answer or not we will work with our students to figure it out. We have become teachers so that we can help others grow and learn. Ask a question when you are confused so that you can create and complete assignments with confidence. Also, chances are if you have a question someone else has the same one. 

Some suggestions:

  • If you are nervous about asking a question wait until all of your classmates log off of the Zoom call to ask

  • Email your teacher 

  • Ask a classmate 

  • Write the question in the chat

  • Say that your “friend” brought up a question and you are curious too 

  • Ask a friend or classmate to ask for you 


  • 5. Remind yourself why. 

Look at the big picture. You are completing this grade to move onto the next and build your intelligence. You are taking this course to learn more about a subject you may want to explore in college. You chose this major to complete a profession. You are learning this skill to be able to participate in a new activity. There is a reason why you are doing what you are doing, to lead you to a goal. Everyday you are learning something new and even when it gets hard sometimes remind yourself there is going to be a pay-off whether that is monetary, emotional, physical, etc.

Some suggestions:

  • Write a daily motivational quote in your notebook or planner

  • Every night write down 3 things you are thankful for that day

  • Look at past assignments you got good grades on

  • Talk to a friend/family member/mentor

  • Think about what you want to work towards

  • List out goals for yourself and keep them where you can see them


You CAN do this. You ARE enough. Your best IS enough. I believe in you. 

Madison Zoot

Illinois State '21

Future Educator! <3
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