The 5 Relationships You Encounter in College


Many girls in college constantly face the bittersweet feeling of being on a relationship rollercoaster. One day you’re falling head over heels for a guy and the next you feel like you’re falling flat on your face. The good news is that most of these relationships come to an end and even better, leave with you with a valuable lesson learned. Although we might make the same mistakes once or twice (or multiple times), it’s important to know the 5 relationships you may encounter during college!

1. The Friend

Every girl has had one of these. “The Friend” is that good guy friend of yours that you wish you could be interested in, but the chemistry just isn’t fully there. It’s the situation where you don’t want to be with him, but you don’t want anyone else to be with him either. He always texts you back and would drop whatever he’s doing to see you, but when he brings up the relationship talk you run as fast as you can.

Reason the relationship ends: He tells you that he can’t be “just friends” anymore and gives you an ultimatum of either being together or nothing at all. Although it might make you re-think your feelings for him, you realize it’s time to let him move on.

2. The Cowboy Casanova

The famous phrase popularized by Carrie Underwood is now making its way throughout college towns. A Cowboy Casanova has many other names, such as the player, charmer, or the infamous John Tucker. You heard he was trouble, but he knew exactly what to say to make you feel special. You kept going back to him thinking he was going to change for you, until you saw him making out with another girl the next day. These guys are sneaky and really know how to play their cards, so don’t make excuses for them when the truth is you’re just their flavor of the week. 

Reason the relationship ends: After you badgered him for weeks, he finally told you some excuse of why he can’t be with you to cover up the fact that he actually just sucks as a person.

3. The 2 a.m. Hook-Up

For some reason, the fatal attraction between you and this guy only exists after 2 a.m. Your relationship starts over text messages (which is still a very minimal conversation) and ends in the sheets. The only things you might know about this guy besides his name, is the outfit that he wore last night and the ringtone of his alarm in the morning.

Reason the relationship ends: Neither of you have really thought about your intentions with each other. So, this mindless hook-up ends with one of you finally asking yourself, “Why am I even doing this?” which leads to the abrupt ending of responses to text messages.

4. The Ex-Boyfriend

Let’s admit it ladies, your first boyfriend will always linger in and out of your life; this can be a blessing or a curse. Most of these relationships may have sparked in the comfort of high school, which always brings a nice nostalgic feeling when re-connecting with them again. Although, in reality this relationship is outdated and you need to remember that it ended for a reason. 

Reason the relationship ends: Ex’s don’t truly disappear out of someone’s life until one of two things happen: someone better comes along, or the two of you are mature enough to understand that it was not meant to be. 

5. The Boyfriend

Once you have finally blocked your ex’s number and found humor in watching your Cowboy Casanova go home alone, you start to realize your self-worth and the fact that you deserve better. When you come to this realization, someone else will too. If you’re able to find someone that cares about you and wants to make sure you know that everyday, he’s a keeper. Just because college is about having fun, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a guy to enjoy these experiences with.