5 Reasons why “Life Size 2” was a great sequel

Many of you probably don’t know but the sequel to the movie that we all know and love “Life Size” actually came out on December 2nd. Back in July, the iconic Eve (Tyra Banks) tweeted about filming being underway and if you’re anything like me, you probably retweeted it and thought nothing more about it. I never thought that a sequel would ever come out considering the original first aired on March 5th, 2000. So literally after more than 18 years here’s the top 5 reasons why “Life Size 2” was an amazing sequel. 


Obviously most of the audience that was watching it live on Freeform, probably also watched the original live too or at least has seen the first “Life Size”. There were literally so many call back to the original. Although the famous Lindsay Lohan did not make an appearance, her character Casey did get mentioned. From a picture of Casey in the book of spelled used to make Eve come to life to a new quarterback outfit for Eve that was shown at the end of the movie, Casey was still fresh in our minds. Eve’s obsession with butter and her inability to type cohesively also were cute touches that were added. 

2) A modern take on Eve 

Near the end of the movie, Grace (Francia Raisa) holds a shareholders meeting to introduce the new line and era of the Eve doll. With this announcement came a more modern look on Eve. The new dolls, including the “Woke” and the “Love is Love” Eve made the movie a lot more political and modern than its predecessor. 

3) The characters were very independent 

A lot of the characters that were shown in the movie were very independent and proud. The main character, Grace is shown as being a young CEO of the toy company that produces Eve dolls. Throughout the entire movie, she stands her ground and makes decisions based on what she wants and not what others want. Similarly, a younger girl, Lex (Alison Fernandez) isn’t afraid to use her voice and stand up for what she believes in. Even if she doesn’t get the results that she was hoping for, she still manages to hold her own. 

4) The story wasn't like the first 

The plot of the first movie was very family oriented (which makes sense considering it was a Disney Channel original). This one, however, I felt had a very interesting plot. A lot of different storylines were introduced, and it made the movie a lot more entertaining. Some of the storylines included Grace’s mom being in prison, Eve falling in love, Eve dolls getting discontinued, and Grace’s friendship with her best doll friend. 

5) Just like the first, it made me cry 

It could have been me just being an emotional mess the night it premiered, but honestly “Life Size 2” made me tear up a little bit. I think all of the call backs to the original just made me think about and really miss my childhood. I was probably literally the only one watching that cried but you know that’s totally fine. 

Overall, “Life Size 2” was a really amazing sequel to the first one. Although it can never replace the first and definitely has a lot more mature content, it was a good flashback to all of our childhood memories.