5 Reasons Going Back to College After Break is the Best

5 Reasons Going Back to College After Break is the Best

Winter break is coming to an end and it is time to pack up and head back to college. A month away from school seems like a lifetime, yet it goes by so fast. After a month of relaxing 24/7 at home, you surprisingly start to realize how much you miss being at school. The first week back is one of the best weeks out of the year; you are eager to get back to a routine and see your besties! Here are some of the reasons going back to school after break is the best:

  1. Catching up with your besties.

A month away from your closest friends means catching everyone up on every little detail of your break! Yes, you have video chatted and texted your besties for the past month, but there is something about reuniting in person that is way more special. You have a whole month of gossip to catch up with, so gather the besties and get to talking!


Showing off your new outfits. 


One of the best things about coming back from break is strutting your new outfits you have gotten as gifts or shopping sprees over the month. Even better, all of your friends got new clothes and since sharing is caring, now you have a whole new wardrobe to choose from. New year, new clothes!


  1. You get back to a routine.

After a month of relaxing, you surprisingly get tired of it. It feels like all you do is eat, watch Netflix and sleep! It’s strange you are excited to be busy again and get back into the school grind. If you are worried you will be bored at school, spring break is approaching, so that will give huge motivation to hit up the Rec Center. In addition, you have a brand new class schedule, which will jazz things up a little.


  1. You have a fresh start. 

A new semester is a new opportunity to kick butt in all of your new classes. The first semester for some is a wake up call, grade wise. So whether you did great or not so hot in your first semester classes, this is a fresh start! Start hitting the books early to feel on top of your responsibilities and have a solid start to this new semester. Impress your new professors early on to make the best impression you can.


  1. Back to being Miss Independent.

Yes, it is the best being with your family while at home. However, you start to crave that independent feeling you have while at school. Although you will miss the amazing meals at home, you will love going back to the independent life.


What is your favorite part about coming back to school?