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There are officially less than 5 weeks left until the end of the semester. Wow. Time really did fly by super fast. As the semester is winding down, here are 5 goals to keep in mind:    

  1. Don’t procrastinate 

This one may seem pretty obvious, but it can be easy to lose track of what you need to get done and when. Make a to-do list for every week of all the assignments and exams you need to do! 

  1. Go to class 

It’s always important to go to class but it’s especially important now. As the semester is coming to a close, your professors are going to be giving you more assignments and extra credit opportunities so you definitely need to be in class to hear the details. Also if you go to class, your professor will be more likely to remember your face which in turn will make it more likely for you to get your grade raised when you email them asking them to round up.  

  1. Remain focused  

It can be so easy to think about winter break and the holidays especially now that it snowed. Don’t. By doing this, you’ll lose focus on the actual important things going on right now like assignments and exams. I know it’s hard, but power though and get everything done now so that you can enjoy break when it comes.

  1. Make peace with anything or anyone on your mind 

Soon we’ll be in a new semester and in a new year! Don’t dwell on the past and don’t let it haunt you. Make peace with old friends or do that thing that you’ve wanted to do all year. It’s better to get it out now then taking it with you into the new year/semester.  

  1. Ace all your finals 

Hopefully this is a goal everyone has, but if you don’t make it one! Study hard and let all your hard work over this past semester reflect on your final grade. You worked hard all semester so make it count! 


As the semester is coming to an end, make your own goals. End this semester and year with a bang.  

Sarah Baran

Illinois State '22

Hi!! My name is Sarah and I'm a senior at Illinois State. I am currently majoring in Journalism with a minor in Criminal Justice! I love HerCampus because it gives me the opportunity to write whatever I want. I've never really had this chance before so it's really amazing to get to experience. If you want to see more about my life, follow me on Twitter and Instagram! @sarahs524
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