4 Lessons to Take from Online Learning

Online learning has become the new norm for college students. Although it could look different next year with classes being moved back in person, here are some of the lessons everyone should take from online learning.

  1. 1. Pre Course Preparation

    It can be hard for some students to stay focused and be kept on track while staring at a screen. Something that I found beneficial when classes got moved online is to do a little preparation by reviewing what information is going to be covered on that day. Most professors post a course schedule that will tell you what material you will be covering.

  2. 2. Speak up!

    Not only is online learning new for students, but it is also new for professors. It can be difficult to teach a course online, so be sure to give your professors feedback! Do not be afraid to tell them that the pace is too fast/slow, or they are not covering the material thoroughly enough. I promise you, professors really appreciate honest feedback.

  3. 3. Stay Motivated

    It can be hard to stay motivated when you are interacting with professors and classmates through Zoom rather than in person, but something that can be very helpful is to make your study space comfortable. You can put inspirational quotes on your desk or laptop, or light a candle. Also, it is important to realize that some days will be very productive, and others not so much. That is okay! Give yourself breaks every once in a while.

  4. 4. Create to-do Lists

    Utilize your planner! By writing down due dates for assignments, you will stay on track and it also helps you not to forget especially if you are having a busy day. I always like to cross off the task once I am done because it makes me feel like I have accomplished something.

Although I personally like classes in person because it helps me learn better, I have started to like online learning. By doing everything mentioned above, you might see yourself liking online learning a little bit better too. Organization is key. Let’s finish this semester off strong!