24 Thoughts While Watching The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Last night Victoria’s Secret aired their annual fashion show and it was FABULOUS. From the performers to the collections, everything was perfect. So, if you tuned in, I’m sure you had a few of these thoughts yourself!

  1. Alright what channel is CBS here? I only know my home channels…and E!, Well,  I guess it’s time to google!
  3. Kendal is flawless.
  4. And so is Gigi.
  5. What is their diet and work out plan? I really need to get on that.
  6. LOL at how they’re just talking about all of the times they’ve been to Paris when Chicago is a vacation to me. (no, I’m not from the burbs).
  7. Anyone else think Lady Gaga was a model? Ugh, she has the voice of an angel, so fitting (get it? Cause Victoria’s Secret Angels).
  8. God bless these models’ confidence in those outfits.
  9. I see lots of pink and I hear Bruno. I like this already.
  10.  Bruno is so short compared to these women, poor guy.
  11.  GiGi and Bella are #goals, congrats on being the first sisters to walk the runway.
  12.  STARBOY!
  13. Anyone else think the Weeknd is better live than the radio?
  14.  This is awkward, him and Bella used to date.
  15. This collection is amazing; I want all of these outfits.
  16. I wonder what it’s like to walk in front of all those people with those heavy wings.
  17.  I love how they say they start training and working out two months before the show.
  18. Yes! All black collection!
  19. Why did the media act like Gigi’s wardrobe malfunction was the end of the world? I didn’t even notice.
  20. Okay Gaga I see you walkin’ that runway.
  21.  No big deal, she’s just wearing a $3 million bra.
  22.  I lied, this is my favorite collection.
  23.  Ugh its over, only 365 days until the next one.
  24. ……now time to go to the gym.