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18 Thoughts College Students Have During Syllabus Week

Welcome Spring (although what seems like more than half of you is winter) Semester! Whether we feel like we are ready to tackle the rest of the year or not, at least we have syllabus week to give us the extra time to mentally prepare. Here are some thoughts that we as college students may have as we take on the ever-loved syllabus week:

  1.  AH, I can’t wait to see my roommates. Reunited and it feels so good.
  2.  Yes! Another week to binge watch Netflix. Syllabus week is just an extension of Christmas break right?
  3.  Wait, it’s already Spring semester? Working out every day starts now.
  4.   Downtown on a Tuesday? My pre-deadline, essay, and test taking self are going to run this town ramped ALL week long.
  5.   Wait…How do you set an alarm again?
  6.   School mattress, why can’t you feel like mine at home?
  7.   Ugh. I have to start doing my own laundry again.
  8.   Why can’t I cook like my mother? Looks like it’s back to microwavable everything.
  9.   You mean I have to walk to class in the face-hurting cold? Pass.
  11.   What’s up McAllister’s? Immmmm bacccccckkkkk.
  12.   Yes Mom, I’m doing fine. Not much has changed since I saw you 48 hours ago.
  13.   $300?! For books?! I’m not getting them. I will get by.
  14.   Out an hour and a half early from class. This will never happen again.
  15.   Do I know anyone in this class? Please let me know someone in this class.
  16.   Oh. I forgot how inconveniently small these desks are.
  17.   Goodbye money that I worked allllllllllllll break for.
  18.   How many days till spring break?
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