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15 Things Girls Want for Valentine’s Day More Than a Boyfriend

The dreaded time of year is upon us: Valentines Day. All taken girls rejoice in this day while being (hopefully) showered in heart-shaped everything. They will be wined and dined as they spend morning to night with that one special person; don’t you worry single ladies, being taken isn’t everything. There are plenty of things that the female population wants much more than a boyfriend.


  1. A puppy
  2. Christian Grey… and maybe some alone time after the movie
  3. A Target gift card
  4. Froyo
  5. Wine/Vodka
  6. Cookie Dough
  7. The ex BF to be dateless as well
  8. A better Twitter ratio
  9. More likes on the prof pic
  10. Hunter Rain Boots
  11. The perfect selfie
  12. A new Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit
  13. A random deposit into the bank account
  14.  Zero calorie pizza
  15. Gisele Bundchen’s life… or just her body for spring break 2k15

Now I know that this list may not seem like the most ideal way to spend Valentine’s Day, but hey Hallmark made up this holiday anyway, right?

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