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10 Favorite Fall Nail Polish Colors

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Illinois State chapter.


With my nail polish collection growing every week, I’m always looking for new and unique colors that are in season. I’ve rounded up a few the most popular Fall shades to share with you!

1.     Essie “Nice is Nice”

This pale purple is the perfect shade for the fall and it goes with everything.



2.     Essie “Penny Talk”


3.     OPI “Diva of Geneva”

This is one of my favorite colors by OPI. The dark shimmery plum color is a great accessory to any wardrobe.


4.     OPI “Into the Night”


5.     Essie “Cruise Control”

Bright pinks are more of a summer color, but this subtle pink is perfect for Fall.

6. Essie “Raspberry Red”


7.     Sally Hansen “Green Tea”


8.     Sally Hansen “Slick Slate”

One of Essie’s most popular fall color is called, “Chinchilly.” This shade is a duplicate and for half the cost!


9.     Orly “Pure Porcelain”

This shade is perfect for flawless nude nails.


10.     OPI (Nicole) “Back in my Gloria Days”

I just recently added this polish to my collection and I love it! It’s part of the Modern Family line from Nicole by OPI.