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In my many hours of perusing Amazon, I tend to fall down certain rabbit holes. Most recently, I fell victim to the funky candle side of Amazon. Follow me through finding said candles and my — 100% real and slightly embarrassing, but still comical — thought processes behind each.

Bubble Candles*

There is nothing I love more than a hot pink, bubbly, girly moment and this candle may quite possibly be the closest physical depiction of that phrase. For $13.99, you too can be a part of this moment.

Cereal Candle*

This is the kind of candle you couldn’t possibly light! I would hoard this for the rest of my life — introducing my newest centerpiece!

Strawberry Sundae*

Another candle I could never bring myself to burn. There might be a forming theme here…

Obsidian Candle*

This candle may not look interesting to the untrained eye, but if you know your Sims 4 terminology, you know this is a raw obsidian sample. In my dream home, where I have a dual-screen gaming system to solely play Sims 4 on, I would have this candle.

Rhaeghal, Drogon & Viserion in their Eggs

I searched and searched for a dragon candle, but I did not find any that did the House of the Dragon right, so I found the next best. Honorary mention to Daenerys’ Targaryen’s children!

Fat Cats!*

Don’t these candle cats look so sad?! I had to put them on the list, hopefully, someone will give them a good home.

Strawberry candles!*

I know Valentine’s Day passed, but keep these in mind for next year. These would be too cute at a Galentine’s Day party!


Cheese! Imagine it as decoration on your next charcuterie board. I’m not sure how I feel about a cheese-scented candle, though.

Dumpster Fire*

This is the candle that sent me down the rabbit hole. Come on, a dumpster on fire because it’s a candle?? A dumpster fire??? It is too good.

Me in October taking a milk bath*

Whether or not it’s Halloween, I want this in my bathroom. I especially love how this Amazon store thought to mention that the skeleton is in fact taking a milk bath, which would explain the white-colored bath water.

I hope you were able to get a laugh out of my findings and candle interpretations! I highly encourage falling down Amazon rabbit roles when given the chance, you never know what new funky decorations you could pick up.

*Made-up names, the real product names you can find through the link!

Kaitlyn Peppler

Illinois State '23

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