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Why You Should Use Shampoo Bars

Have you ever used a shampoo bar? I’ve been using them for about two years, and I still  have no desire to go back to bottled shampoo. In this article, I’ll be introducing aspects of the shampoo bar that I’ve personally found appealing.

Reduce Plastic Waste

I assume that many who use bottled shampoo in Japan use plastic refill bags. By using these refill bags, you may be able to reduce your plastic waste a bit, but you still need to throw out the single-use bag. Unless you’re taking your bottle to get refilled at a bulk store, refilling may not be all that eco-friendly. But the reality is that not many stores sell shampoo in bulk.

With shampoo bars, depending on the store, you will be able to buy the product naked, or even if it is packaged, the waste will be smaller than that from a refill bag. In the long term, this is a less wasteful option.

A Comfortable Washing Experience

There are certainly differences between shampoo bars, but the ones from LUSH that I’ve been loving always lather up nicely. It leaves my scalp feeling refreshed without drying it out and making it feel tight. Some brands develop bars in different formulas for different hair types, which will allow you to find the right fit for you. I originally began using shampoo bars because I wanted a more earth-friendly option, but now I continue using them because I like the experience of using the product much better.

Easy to Travel With

I’ve always had to put my liquid shampoo into a small container and put that container in a zip-lock bag, but with a shampoo bar, I can skip all of that. Because it’s solid, I don’t need to worry about it spilling anywhere, so I can just pop it in a container, and it’s ready to go. It’s also pretty small, so it doesn’t take up much space in your luggage either. Even if the bar is too big to bring with you, you can just cut off a piece, and you have just the amount you need!

It’s Compact

Just by replacing bulky shampoo bottles with a small shampoo bar, the space in your bathroom will look nice and tidy.

It Saves Money

For each wash, I use less product than I did when I used liquid shampoo. I’ve noticed that the product lasts longer because of this. Though I have yet to try theirs, Ethique’s bar contains the equivalent of three 350ml bottles’ worth of shampoo. When you see a shampoo bar in stores, you may think that it’s expensive for such a small product, but it will last you for a very long time.

Though I’ve listed only the positives, there are problems like the product melting if you leave it somewhere humid or not enough stores carrying the product, making them inaccessible. But once you get over these problems, the benefits definitely outweigh them. Above all else, just by changing your shampoo, you can contribute less to the global plastic problem! It’s an easy step that anyone can take toward living an eco-friendly life. Why not try finding a shampoo bar that works for you?

Ellie Eshima

ICU Japan '21

Ellie is currently a senior at International Christian University, majoring in Psychology.
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