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Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree for me

I've been an awful good girl 

Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight♪

-"Santa Baby" by Eartha Kitt

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Christmas is just around the corner... You've made a Christmas cake, decorated the party room, and invited friends. Everything is set! 

But wait, did you ask Santa for a Christmas present? If not, here are some gifts you need to check for it, recommended by Her Campus ICU members, Kanako, Yukiko and Ruka!

Hammock for sweet dreams

For those who are still burnt out from studying this year, a hammock can give you a moment to forget daily life. When you lie on a hammock, it swings gently and comfortably. If you close your eyes, you can feel like you're in the forest or by the seaside. What a sweet moment! 

Santa, please give me a hammock for sweet dreams...

Hot sandwich maker for a special meal

Making dinner, baking a cake or some bread... Have you run out of ideas for killing time while staying home? Hot sandwich maker can give you new ideas for cooking! With this appliance, you can make sandwiches or waffles, but you can also make grilled gyoza or meat buns. Try creating your own original recipes with it!

So let's ask, Santa, I would like a sandwich toaster for a present.

A new wallet because it's a special day

Recently, I've been using credit cards and money apps more often because I don't want to touch cash that many people have touched. So, I'm looking for a small wallet that can hold many cards. Sadly, my budget doesn't match with my wish list.

Santa, if you're out there, please give me one of these wallets. 

Eyeshadow palette for wearing makeup with a mask

Since the global pandemic hit and wearing mask became a part of our daily routine, I said goodbye to foundation, blush, bronzer, highlighter and lipsticks. It's a hard time for all makeup lovers, but we can still have some fun with eyeshadow can't we? I'm thinking of investing in a good eyeshadow palette, but I'd be more than happy if Santa could gift me one.

Santa, I want this wonderful eyeshadow pallet...

"Anywhere door" for escaping the reality 

Because Santa would allow us to ask for anything, I would like to ask him something that only he or Doraemon could give...

An "anywhere Door” is one of the gadgets that Doraemon has that allows you to transport to anywhere you wish to go on Earth.

Because COVID won't allow us to go anywhere, maybe you're dreaming of traveling overseas. I've also been dreaming of seeing my boyfriend and friends who live outside of japan.

So if it's just for Christmas,

Santa, you will allow me to go there through anywhere door, won't you...?



We're getting excited just dreaming about Christmas presents! 

Wish you a Merry Christmas and don't forget to prepare some cookies and milk for Santa!

Kanako Shimizu

ICU Japan '23

Hi, I'm Kanako. I'm studying at International Christian University.
Yukiko Takei

ICU Japan '22

Hi, I am Yukiko and am currently studying at the University of Gothenburg as exchange student remotely, majoring in public policy.
Ruka Saito

ICU Japan '24

Ruka Saito is a Sophomore studying business at International Christian University in Tokyo, Japan. In her spare time she enjoys baking, calligraphy and exploring nice coffee shops in Tokyo.
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