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What We can Learn from Gal Culture

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ICU (Japan) chapter.

What do you imagine when you are a culture?

Washoku, Kimono, Ninja, Sushi… there are many things once you start to say about it.

But this time, I will introduce “Gal Culture” which is one of precious and attractive Japanese subculture!!!☆

What is GAL?

We often say “gal” is a girl who wears flashy fashion and does vivid makeup in the 1990s~2000s.

But now, the definition of gal has become more diverse. Not only girls, and not only one type of style is accepted as a gal. Everyone in everywhere can be a gal if you desire to be

Gal has their unique culture; they express their identity by using many ways.

Let’s learn their own culture and be your own way both inside and outside


Gal fashion makes each era brighter and happier. Though their style is consistent, gal’s trend changes rapidly, as in general trend rapidly.

Let’s see their trend divided into each era!

The early 90’s (birth of gal culture)

コギャル (Kogyaru) /It said gal whose age is under 20. Their fashion style is based on LA style, like wearing tiny T-shirts and mini skirts. At the same time, they develop their own culture: healthy reveling clothes, tanned skin color and brown hair. It became popular among girls at this time.

・The late 90’s~2000’s (golden age of gal culture)

ヤマンバ (Yamanba) / Yamanba gal has tanned skin originally and they put items with hibiscus. This style of gal is really extravagant in many types of gals.

姫ギャル (Himegyaru) /based on existing gal style, it also include feminine factor. Gradually, it become one of main gal styles

・2020~now (gal culture revival)

As the definition of Gal becomes wider, their style is getting more rich. With tanned or whitening skin, boys or girls, many types of gal are appearing NOW!

This kind of gal trend was transmitted by the magazine called “egg” and it has big popularity among gals.

Even though the egg topped publishing since 2014, it revived as a web magazine in 2014 because their style has come back. Currently, it keeps publishing every month.

☆makeup,hair & nail♡

Gal expresses their own strength by not only fashion but also other beauty factors. Let’s check one!

First of all, many gals have very long nails!!

How cute is their super long nails with vivid pink color

There are many particular points in gal make up. If you imitate these points, you can become GAL❥

As you know from this post, one of gal makeup clues is flat and narrow eyebrows. Also, putting white eyeshadow on your eye bags is necessary. In contrast of it, vivid color on your eyelid make you look gal more☆

In gal makeup, the most important thing to use is “false eyelashes”. Gal often says “false eyelashes are the secondary heart of the body” !!!

one of Japanese popular eyelash brands

It is important to increase hair volume and decorate a lot.

If you decorate the hair with hibiscus and ribbon, it looks more pretty!!


Gal has their own strong mind: freely and positively. Gal was complained about by society for a long time because of their different looks from general. However, it makes their mind positive and tolerant.

Never stop to pursue your own point of view

This is one of gal’s primary minds. Though they are discriminated against in society, they never stop to pursue their own style. I think this is why Gal’s one and only culture was born.

Thank you for reading♡ see you again at next my article♡

chinatsu sato

ICU (Japan) '28

I am interested in many thing. Specially, I like to research about the trend of fashion and music, travelling, dancing and reading books. Also, I am interested in reading articles about international relationships, so I want to write about them.