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What is it Like to Get the Covid Vaccine? Part Two

Disclaimer: I am not in any way a medical advisor, associate, or doctor. In this article, I am purely writing only about my personal experiences and opinions. For medical information about the COVID-19 vaccination, please visit WHO’s Coronavirus Disease Vaccination information page.

In my previous article, What is it Like to Get the Covid Vaccine? Sharing My Experience, I explained my experiences about my first dose of vaccine. In this article, I will be sharing my experiences on my second dose of vaccine. The process of the vaccination was the same as the first dose, just took a little bit more time because there were a larger amount of people who were getting vaccinated compared to the time I got my first dose. I registered my document and ID, waited in line to get the shot, then was monitored for 15 minutes. What was drastically different between my first and second dose were the side effects.

After Getting the Second Dose

Comparing with my first dose, the side effects differ very much. The side effects of my first dose were migraines, muscle aches, chest pains, and drowsiness that were very light. However, my second dose was much heavier than I have imagined, and I ended up not attending class for two days. Some of my side effects were migraines and muscle aches that were very heavy for me to handle, and severe drowsiness that made it hard for me to do my assignments, or more so walk around in general. I got my vaccination on a Saturday, and I would say that Sunday and Monday were the worst of all days of the week. Although I was fine on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, on Friday, my head started hurting so bad that I couldn’t attend class. The next day, I was still feeling ill, however, it got better as the day went by. By Sunday, I was feeling over 90%. I am thankful that I did not get a fever, which was common for many other 20-year old that worked at the same facility as me. 

My Thoughts Overall

In my previous article about my first dose, I wrote that I was a little bit more hesitant getting the second dose because the side effects are much worse, and this vaccine is fairly new. However, I decided to get vaccinated for two reasons, one, I’m planning to go study abroad in winter, and two, I wanted to protect myself and the people around me from this virus. Although my side effects were much worse than my first one, I’m glad that I am vaccinated and that nothing went wrong. I strongly believe that if enough people are vaccinated, this pandemic would end someday, and everything would go back to the way it used to. 


Kaitlyn Corbett

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