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Ultimate Guide to becoming “That Girl” This Summer

  If you are on Instagram, TikTok, or any social media platform, you must be aware of the “ That Girl” trend/aesthetic. For those who don't know, “That Girl” means a girl who always seems to have her life together, stay hydrated, eat well, work out, and write a gratitude journal. Yet, there is a controversy that the aesthetic is “too white” or “just showing off the wealth” and so on. However, the overall concept of the "That Girl" trend seems to be positive and motivational to change your life and be the best version of "Yourself".  We can have diverse aesthetics and achieve them on a budget with a little bit of creativity if we want. So, here are 10 tips to become your version of “That Girl” this summer. 

Writing a journal in the morning and at night

The famous “Five minutes journal” seems like an essential tool to become “That Girl,” but it’s just a journal that has three simple components; Things you are grateful for, What would make today great, and Daily affirmations. You don’t necessarily have to buy that overpriced aesthetic journal. You can just write it down in any kind of notebook. 

Make your bed every morning

This trick literally changed my life. By doing that, you force yourself not to lay around the comfy bed and scroll down TikTok all day but get up and do something. 

Educate yourself

Read books or study about Investments or subjects that you struggled with in the previous semester. For example, I plan to study French this summer because I had a hard time catching up with classes in the spring semester.

Workout regularly

This might be the hardest one on this list, but don’t stress out too much. “Regularly” is not equal to “Every day.” Start with small things and, if you can, involve your friends and achieve consistency with them. It’s scientifically proven that people are more likely to achieve goals when they work with others.

Be creative

Start something new that you always wanted to do but didn't before. For example, start your own youtube channel if you like filming and editing videos or be a Her Campus member and write what you are passionate about.

Find happiness in small moments

Romanticize your life. Once you decide to celebrate even just the little things that happen every day, like a cup of coffee in the morning or dogs you saw on the street, your life will be much more exciting and filled with happiness. 

Eat with gratitude

One thing that drastically changed my relationship with food is to appreciate the food on the table. We rarely think of the process of how foods are made, but with the work of many people, you can now enjoy them. Regardless of what you are eating, like green juice to fried chicken, enjoy the moments with gratitude and never feel guilty about what and how much you are eating. Just appreciate the moment and be aware that what you eat keeps you active all day.

Daily Affirmation

The word “Affirmation” might sound overwhelming or cheesy, but this is the core practice for having a that girl summer. Start with “I am” and go on with positive things, and you will start to truly believe in yourself. Write it down, read it out loud, or repeat inside your head; it’s up to you. Find a way that is comfortable for you, but not something that you are not. For example, when you are broke, saying “I’m financially stable and abundant.” will not help you fix credit card debts. It actually makes you look away from the problems you have.

Early birds eat the worm

Summer vacation is a good excuse to oversleep and stay in bed till noon. You need this type of day sometimes, but not every day. Think about it. You will only have long vacations during the college years, and once you graduate, it’s quite unrealistic to have three straight months of vacation for most of us unless you are early retired or a billionaire. Don’t waste time. Each day you get older and can’t take back the time that already passed. There is no reason to stay in bed. Get up and enjoy the youth.


 If you want to cut off anything because it’s toxic to you, do it now. It can be caffeine, a person, social media accounts, or social media itself. Taking a break from any form of relationship or being picky with your overall taste does not qualify you as a bad person. Especially at some point in your life stage, people come and go, and that’s normal. Make decisions that are best for you, not for others. Don't be a people pleaser, which I am kind of guilty of. Be the main character and the director of your own movie. 

Ruka Saito

ICU Japan '24

Ruka Saito is a Sophomore studying business at International Christian University in Tokyo, Japan. In her spare time she enjoys baking, calligraphy and exploring nice coffee shops in Tokyo.
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