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Three Small Steps to Be an Eco-Friendly ICU Student

The idea of Eco-Friendly action is gradually spreading among people. ICU students are a part of those who have made many eco trends recently, and you may see that each ICU student takes eco-action on campus. This article will give you three small steps to become an Eco-Friendly person.

Have a tumbler in your bag!

It may be true that you need to increase the size of your luggage when you take with you a tumbler. However, it is useful on the ICU campus because you can use the water dispenser when you finish drinking.

Of course, you can find so many fashionable tumblers at shops. So let’s take your favorite tumbler to class! It must motivate you to concentrate during a class lecture.

Try to avoid using plastic products

Many students are trying to avoid using plastics to the extent possible. One of the surprising actions done at ICU’s gakki (cafeteria) is to take a plastic film off of the lunchbox, so that the lunch box may be reused again. It’s a small step but if you do it for a month, you can save around twenty lunches boxes from being thrown away. Isn’t it truly an Eco-friendly action?

Share your eco actions with your friends!

You can easily get information about eco-friendly actions or products on social media. It could help your understanding of environmental problems and actions you can take in your daily life!

Also, you must have friends around you who always take eco-friendly actions. So let’s talk about them, and adopt them in your daily life!

Those are steps that anyone can take easily, and some of you must have already tried. Let’s be an Eco-friendly person, and love the earth together!

Kanako Shimizu

ICU Japan '23

Hi, I'm Kanako. I'm studying at International Christian University.
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