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Tea Recommendations and How to Make Delicious Tea at Home

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ICU (Japan) chapter.

Lockdowns are extending due to new variants increasing risks. You’ve spent so much time at home and you’re running out of things to watch on Netflix and YouTube. Why not try this new hobby: tea. Drinking tea and finding your favorite type can be a fun new way to occupy your time.


Just like how a lovely scented perfume can lift your spirits, drinking tea or coffee can also make you happy throughout the day. This small boost of happiness can improve your mental wellbeing too. It’s been scientifically proven that tea can improve your immune system, so a global pandemic is a perfect time to be drinking it.

Some teas can get expensive, but I want to introduce a couple of my favorites that I’ve recently tried.

Mariage Freres Earl Grey

This tea is certainly on the pricey side, but its flavor is unmatched.

Mariage Freres teas are delicious, but they’re also beautiful too. You can find a blue flower among the tea leaves and the packaging is so pretty that displaying it in your room can lift your spirits. The tea itself has a citrus flavor, with a strong bergamot aroma.

TWG French Earl Grey

This tea has a perfect balance of sweet and citrus flavor. This tea can also be enjoyed visually by displaying the packaging and discovering flowers in the leaves. I highly recommend this product as I personally find TWG’s ear grey teas to be among the best.

TWG Sweet France

While TWG typically produces black teas, this product is green tea. It’s a flavored green tea containing chamomile and rose. It’s subtly sweet and balances perfectly with the flavor of the green tea itself.

Because all three teas have unique flavors, I recommend enjoying them straight without any additional milk or sugar. You can also try heating your teacup beforehand or making the tea at a particular temperature. All these subtle things add up to make a delicious cup of tea, so try finding your favorite way to prepare the perfect cup!

Yukina Shima

ICU (Japan) '24

I am a student of ICU. Huge love to coffee and tea, Disney land, travel, home party, e.t.c.
Sarah Ishikawa

ICU (Japan) '21

Sarah Ishikawa is currently serving as Editor in Chief and Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at ICU Japan. She is a senior studying English and American literature. On her days off you'll probably find her at a museum, coffee shop, or just at home getting things done.