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Taking a Look Beyond: Education First’s Problem-Solving Program

It might be discouraging to see the world around you fall apart in the circumstances we're in but let's keep our heads up. In today's article, let me introduce you to an phenomenal overseas program you might be interested in. 

With a presence in 114 countries, Education First (EF) is an international company that  provides language training and cultural exchange while  helping to achieve academic growth. 

During this pandemic, it's common to hear that the friends around you in university are struggling to find a chance to create connections and leave their comfort zones. One of the programs that EF is launching and taking applications for is the Problem-Solving Overseas program:an initiative that allows students who are passionate and driven about solving issues, particularly in Japanese society, to grow through an overseas mentorship program with Japanese CEOs. Over a six month period, participants will have the opportunity to go to cities such as New York, San Francisco, London, and Singapore to work alongside Japanese CEO's. 

Chihiro, a branding intern at EF Japan, mentions that students will "not only learn English but also gain connections with impressive people." She encourages participation in this program because "it is an opportunity where you can gain international experiences and soft skills used in business everywhere. You gain a mentor and this could possibly lead to networking that will benefit you when you job hunt.” 

Not to mention that this project is also inspired and filed by former politician and Japanese economist Takenaka Heizo so the policy proposals that participants worked for with other passionate students and mentors "will directly be heard from someone who has a lot of influence.” she remarked,  “I don’t think there are any programs that have that!"

The application for the program ends in late January so if this is something you want to take part in, go for it!

For more information, check out https://www.efjapan.co.jp/hub/20/mirai-project/


*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is unsure whether the program will take place in person or online. 

Lisa Ichioka

ICU Japan '22

Lisa, the head of the Her Campus chapter at the International Christian University, is currently a sophomore studying business. Being a third-culture kid, she enjoys eating and making foreign cuisines. In her free time she is probably calling her friends overseas, listening to music, watching funny videos, or cleaning her room.
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