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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ICU (Japan) chapter.

Do you remember the K-pop audition program called “Nizi project” became famous last year? Now, there are many other audition programs you cannot miss! One of the hottest programs is “Girls Planet 999,” an online global audition program by M-net, famous for other audition programs such as SIXTEEN, PRODUCE 101 PRODUCE 48 series. There are 99 participants from Japan, Korea, China, and nine people will be chosen to debut as a new k-pop group. In this article, I will write about my biases from each country.

1 Mashiro Sakamoto (Japan)

She is a famous trainee in JYP and has shown up in another audition program called “Stray Kids”. She has gotten attention from K-pop fans because she got first prize in JYP ‘s global audition and had the possibility to become a member of ITZY, which she was not able to be part of. She is very cute and has a gentle personality, but she has such a great ability to sing and dance. Also, she is cool and inspiring because she chose to perform the song of ITZY by herself, although it is very tough for her psychologically.

2 Su rui qi (China)

This participant is my number one bias. She is famous just like Mashiro because she has joined the Chinese audition program twice. She is very talented in all skills; dance, sing, rap. Moreover, she is very charismatic, and she even says that I want to be the face of the group. Her performance and the killing part of it is powerful and cool. I think she was born to be a “girl crush” idol.

3 Kim Dayon (Korea)

She got first prize in the first round. She performs better than others and performs the “killing part” in the group performances she leads. She is not only cute, but her mind is very beautiful. As the leader, she makes an effort in deciding the dances so that everyone can show their attractiveness to impress the judges.

Other than my three biases, there are many other participants who are attractive. Let’s enjoy watching this audition and cheer on the participants!

Yukina Shima

ICU (Japan) '24

I am a student of ICU. Huge love to coffee and tea, Disney land, travel, home party, e.t.c.