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The pandemic made me into a plant-mama. Last summer, when I was getting sick of being stuck in my room, I decided to get a houseplant. One plant lead to another, and within less than a year, I had 8 plants. Today I thought I would introduce them to you alongside sharing some tips on taking care of them.

Disclaimer: I am the kind of person that gives names to my plants. Do not judge me.


This is a Schefflera (シェフレラコンパクタ). This was one of the two plants I first got and the reason I am into houseplants today. This one grows quickly without not much care so if you are looking for an easy house plant to start your plant-mama/papa life, this one is a good pick. 


This is a Hedera (ハートへデラ). It was given to me by a friend, and it, unfortunately, came with mealybugs (カイガラムシ), which is common with houseplants. I removed them with a chopstick and gave the leaves a good rinse. I also socially distanced it from other plant-mates for a couple of weeks until I was positive it was mealybug-free. 

Plant Mama Tips: when buying plants, always look for insects. Check the back of the leaves and the stems. They also can be hiding under the soil, but you can’t check that, so I recommend replanting it to a new soil right after buying it. Also, if you find any insects, keep the plant away from your other plants not to spread, and remove all the bugs.


This is a “Chinese Banyan” (ガジュマル). Is it just me who thinks it looks like a person in a crouch start position? Just about to run with a crazy hairstyle?


This is a “Creeping Wire Vine” (ワイヤープランツ). This is also an easy one to grow. In my case, though, a mushroom grew out of the soil twice. Honestly, it was creepy, but this is common with any plants if the soil gets too humid. Although I love eating mushrooms, there is something disgusting about it suddenly popping out of your plant’s soil. 

Plant mama tips: Only water your plants when the soil is completely dry. If a mushroom comes out, remove it and throw it away immediately.


This is a “Ficus Natarensis - Sweet Heart” (フィカス・スウィートハート). I feel bad for my other plants saying this, but this one is my favorite. I love the details each leaf has and that it looks like a heart.

Calcifer & Taro

The one on the left (Calcifer) is a “Haworthia Fasciata” (十二の巻), The first succulent to join the gang. It looked like a flame, so the name comes from the Ghibli character. 

The one on the right (Taro) is a Peperomia(ペペロミア). This one grew from a few stems that fell off from the main plant that my mom bought, which I rescued. I had no idea if it would grow, but all it needed was some soil, water, sunlight, and a plant-mama that never gave up on it.


This is a “Sedum” (セダム). The name comes from buying it in March when things were getting busy with job hunting. I really like the shape of the pot as I think it matches the plant perfectly. This plant is on the fragile side, so whenever touching it, I have to be careful.

Watching your plants getting bigger and finding new leaves coming out can bring you small happiness into life. Watering your plants once in a while gives a sense of peace and calmness. It almost feels as if they are your pets, and that is such a nice feeling. 

I hope you all enjoyed this article. 

Ellie Eshima

ICU Japan '21

Ellie is currently a senior at International Christian University, majoring in Psychology.
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