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How to Enjoy Tokyo Disney Resort Without Having to go in the Parks

During the pandemic, it’s really difficult to get a ticket into Disneyland or Disney Sea. As a person who loves going to the Tokyo Disney Parks, I cannot resist going to Maihama, which is the train station for Tokyo Disney Resort. In this article, I am going to share with you some things that I do to enjoy Disney Resort or in the Maihama area to feel like I’m at the Disney Parks, without really having to go into the Disney Parks.

Going to the Disney Resort Shops and Disney Store Ikispiari

Something that is definitely going to make you feel like you are at Tokyo Disney Resort is going to Disney Resort Shops and/or the Disney Store. The Disney Store is located in Ikispari, which is a Shopping Center right by Maihama Station. Although Ikispari does have the Disney feel already, with the cute garbage bins and old-city theme interior, the Disney Store is definitely a must to get that Disney Feel. The other store that I would like to mention is Bon Voyage, which is a shop that sells multiple Disney Resort goods, including headbands and clothing. There are not only goods sold there, but they have medallion machines, nice background music, and mirrors where you can take a selfie!

Going into Disney Associated Restaurants

Did you know that there are many Tokyo Disney Resort-associated restaurants that you can go into that are not necessarily inside the park? Although all of them are at the Tokyo Disney Resort Hotels, there are many different restaurants to enjoy. A little walk from Maihama station is the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel. At Disneyland Hotel, there are three restaurants: Sherwood Garden Restaurant, Canna, and the Dreamers Lounge. If you walk the other way from Maihama Station towards Ikispari, it would lead you to the Ambassador Hotel. There are four restaurants: Chef Mickey, Hyperion Lounge, Empire Grill, and Tick Tock Diner. At Tokyo Disney Sea Miracosta Hotel, there are other restaurants, such as Silk Road Garden, BellaVista Lounge, and Oceano. The best restaurant to go to get the Disney-feel is probably Chef Mickey. It is the only restaurant where Mickey and the other characters come out to meet and greet! If you’re on a budget, the overall best place to go to eat is Tick Tock Diner, where you can both eat-in and take out cute Disney-themed dessert, bread, and sandwiches with a nice drink. (During the Pandemic, you may need to reserve beforehand).

Visiting or staying at Hotels in Tokyo Disney Resort

One thing that I notice when I stay at hotels in Tokyo Disney Resort is that the “Disney magic” lives on. Although I have never stayed at a Tokyo Disney Resort Associated Hotel without going to the parks, I bet even if you don’t go to the parks, you would be able to feel that Disney magic. I love to stay at hotels where I can see the Disney Parks, and one of my favorite hotels to stay at is the Grand Nikko Tokyo Bay Hotel. It is not a Disney Resort Hotel owned by Disney (Oriental Land Co.) such as Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, Ambassador Hotel, and Hotel Miracosta, but is a Tokyo Disney Resort Official Hotel. The price is very reasonable; when I went to stay there with my friend, it only cost about 5000~6000 yen per person. From the Grand Nikko Tokyo Bay Hotel, at most rooms facing the Disney Parks, you can see both Disneyland and Disney Sea. I almost forgot to mention—all the official hotels have a mini Disney Store inside where you can buy food, drinks, and snacks, as well as Disney goods that are sold only at the Disney Parks! However, I do visit the Disney Resort Hotels as well to look around the Disney-filled lobby. Maybe you can even find a hidden Mickey there too!

Walking Around the Disney Parks

This is something that I like to do a lot, but it takes a lot of energy. It’s walking around Disney Resort. It takes about an hour or so to go around Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea. But it’s so worth it when you get to the back of Disney Sea, where you can see Mysterious Island volcano, S.S. Colombia, and the Tower of Terror very clearly! There are also benches where you can sit in the area, so you can definitely have a little picnic there (imagine having a picnic behind Disney Sea and looking at the view!). However, if you do decide to walk around the Disney Resort, be careful; there are many narrow roads! If you feel like this isn’t something that you like to do, look at the next thing on my list!

Going on the Tokyo Disney Resort Line

If you don’t feel like walking around Disney Resort, I definitely recommend going on the Tokyo Disney Resort Line, a monorail that goes around the Tokyo Disney Resort. The monorail goes one way, from Maihama Station to Tokyo Disney Sea to Bayside Station to Tokyo Disneyland, back to Maihama Station. Did you know that the Tokyo Disney Resort Line has a one-day pass? This means that you can ride on the train over and over, around the Disney Resort Parks. You can also get off any time anywhere!

Dress Like you are in the Park!

Whether you are in or not in the park, if you are that person who wears a headband or other accessories inside the Disney Parks, wear it when exploring outside the park! There are plenty of people who wear it in the area so you are not alone, and you will definitely thank me later for that! I bet you would enjoy your day so much more.

Although it is difficult to go out right now, when you get a chance, I hope that you would be able to go to Maihama to enjoy Disney that is outside the Tokyo Disney Parks.

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