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Have you ever read a book in English?

For many Japanese or non-native people in English, reading an English book can be hard because it is difficult to find a book that is appropriate for each English level.

Then I’d like to introduce “Lexile”, a tool to find the best book for your level.

What is “Lexile”?

“Lexile” is a free educational tool in the US for the purpose of improving English reading comprehension. It uses a “Lexile measure,” in which there are numbers between 200L and 1700L that indicate the reader’s reading ability and the difficulty level of the book. So people can find books and articles that match their individual reading level and interests. The Lexile Index is determined based on the difficulty level of grammar and vocabulary. The lower the number, the lower the difficulty level of the book. For native English speakers, they can search books according to their grades. In this table below, you can compare “TOEIC Reading Score”, “Lexile Mesure”, and “Readin levels (US)”, to find your English reading levels.

TOEIC Reading ScoreLexile MesureReading level (US)
355-4501040L-1280LHigh School
255-350885L-1035L7th and 8th Grade
155-250720L-875L5th and 6th Grade
60-150510L-710L3rd and 4th Grade
参考; https://www.path-to-success.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/0F7A6207-6ABA-4FFD-A4C1-8394E164B58E-7966-00000AE148D61561.jpeg

Lexile search

When you find your English reading level, you can search for English books using “Lexile Find a Book“. On this website, you can search by Lexile measure or the title of the books. Also, you can search for books using ”英語難易度別リーディングガイド” provided by the Amazon website. It is so useful because you can find many books suitable for your English level, and you can buy them right away! I hope this will be a comfortable way for you to find books.

My recommendation

I would like to introduce some books according to Lexile measure.


I hope this article helps you find a book that fits you! Let’s enjoy reading books in English!

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