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Time at home has begun to increase again. Today I'll be introducing some easy art projects that I've been enjoying lately! Time spent making art can allow you to relax and let go, so these projects will be perfect for having a fulfilling quarantine. 

Fluid art 

As you can see in the video linked above, this is an easy art project that anyone can do just by pouring acrylic paint in your favorite colors. The key to making fuild art is silicone oil! When you add silione oil and apply heat, "cells" or bubbles appear in the paint, adding character to your painting. And, as a happy bonus, you an get most of the supplies at the 100 yen store!  

You will need:

1. Acrylic paint

2. Medium (can be substituted with laundry starch)

3. Silicone oil (can be substituted with aroma oils with minor impurities)

4. Water and a jug

5. A canvas

6. A paper cup

7. Disposable chopsticks for mixing


This is also a super easy project that involves pouring resin in whatever color you like. It's easy to get started because resin hardens in about an hour when exposed to the sun, and it only requires three materials. There are molds to suit whatever your needs are, so try to find a mold for an item you want to make!

You will need:

1. Resin

2. Silicone mold 

3. Resin coloring

Flower Herbarium

Herbariums allow you to preserve your favorite flowers for a long time, and they're also beautiful to look at. You can also add your favorite aroma oils for additional healing properties. You can use these to decorate your room to your liking for additional abiance!  

You will need: 

1. Flowers (either artificial or preserved) 

2. A container, like a glass vase 

3. Silicone oil

When I last tried creating fluid art, I had diffiulty creating the cells, so I want to give it another try. I hope these art projects will add to your quarantine experience!

Hana Nakai

ICU Japan '24

Hi, I'm Hana and am currently studying at International Christian University. On campus, I perform as a member of the Dance Organization of International Christian University.
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