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To All The Boys I’ve Liked/Disappointed Before

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ICU (Japan) chapter.

We all have those moments when we look back on our past selves and realize how stupid or embarrassing we were, especially when it involves “love”. Today is the day before Valentine’s day, so Jun and I looked back on moments we’ve experienced that are funny and embarrassing. 

I Don’t Like Watermelon

When I was a junior in high school, I had the opportunity to go to the US for a pre-college program for two weeks. I lived with two girls in a dorm and they had both become friends with this guy, Max, over a field trip. I was introduced to him when we were all hanging out after activities but for most of the program, I had never had a one-on-one conversation with him, so I didn’t really think we were even friends. 

Well, surprise, surprise, it all changed on the second to last day of the program. At dinner, I was sitting with my dormmates at the dining hall when I see him come in with his friends. I didn’t think much about him until he comes up to me with a plate full of fruits including these large slices of watermelon. I look up and the first thing I say to him is, “I don’t like watermelon.” I heard my dormmates saying “Satomi! Say thank you!” but I kept saying “Thanks, but I really don’t like watermelon.”

I did get him a muffin as a thank you after being pestered by my friends but let’s face it; I had been insulting. I did find out about his feelings after my dormmates spelled it out for me and told me that he had asked them what time we would be at the dining hall. At the time I had been embarrassed and felt really bad afterward—I learned that whatever the case is it’s always better to be polite. It doesn’t really matter whether he had a crush on me or not, but I should have been grateful for the fact that he was being nice. 

So Much for Superstitions

Apparently, there is this superstition that if you ride a ferris wheel with your partner and kiss them when you get to the top, your relationship will last forever. My boyfriend at that time told me this superstition as we got on a ferris wheel. It was cringey, but we were in a long-distance relationship and I was always worried whether our relationship would last, so I found it sweet that he told me about this superstition. 

The ferris wheel slowly moved up towards the sky, and the view was beautiful. It was near the ocean, so you could literally see the horizon. Our cart got to the very top, and we had a small kiss, so people in the other carts wouldn’t notice. Like I said, I know it’s cringey; I’m getting all red writing about this now. But back then, it was a very sweet and romantic moment.

Guess what happened to our relationship? We broke up two months after the ferris wheel kiss. So much for superstitions! However, we are still good friends. So, I guess the superstition was true to the fact that your “relationship” will last, but maybe not always in the form of a “romantic-relationship.” Have you ever tried any love-related superstitions?

So. our message to all the boys we’ve liked or disappointed before, 

Hope you’re laughing about these moments like we are!

Satomi Hayashi

ICU (Japan) '22

Hey, I'm Satomi Hayashi, apart of Her Campus ICU Japan! I hope to have fun writing and working with fellow Her Campus members!!
Jun Fujii

ICU (Japan) '22

Hi! I'm Jun Fujii, studying anthropology at International Christian University. I love eating, dancing, and walking outside in the sun!