7 Must-Visit Museums for Art Lovers

One of the greatest joys in life is getting to spend time at an art museum. Whenever I travel, museums and galleries are always top-priority in my itinerary. With all the time I've been spending indoors lately, I've been missing the quiet tranquility of galleries and the time I used to spend connecting to art. Hopefully my museum bucket list will inspire you to seek out art when these spots re-open!

  1. 1. The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, NYC

    Located on New York City’s Museum Mile, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum houses a collection of works ranging from impressionist to contemporary art. Designed by American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the building itself is a work of art—a strange white cylinder smack-dab in the middle of Manhattan. The main gallery is set on a slope that spirals along the outer wall of the cylinder, all the way from the bottom to the top. Right now you can “Visit the Guggenheim From Home” through the extensive digital material on their website and Instagram

  2. 2. Museum Der Dinge, Berlin

    The Museum Der Dinge, or “Museum of Things” is located on the third floor of an unassuming building near Kottbusser Tor Station. As its name suggests, the museum is made up of shelves upon shelves of things—a collection depicting the industrial manufacturing and consumer culture of the 20th and 21st centuries. It’s a fascinating place to reflect upon the product culture of the past and present. You can even “Adopt a Thing” as a way to support the museum’s work!

  3. 3. Tate Modern, London

    The Tate Modern is London’s premiere modern art museum, housed in a former electricity generating facility. The museum has a collection of modern British art from 1900 to the present, as well as collections of international modern and contemporary art. The majority of the museum can be accessed for free, with the exception of major temporary exhibitions. The Tate also hosts a variety of workshops and performances for the community.

  4. 4. Ghibli Museum, Tokyo

    The Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Tokyo is just a stone’s throw away from ICU’s campus! The exterior of the building is whimsical, capturing the magic of Hayao Miyazaki’s films. The museum itself is rather small, but it’s a must-see site for Studio Ghibli fans. The gallery contains storyboards from films and a replica of the studio space. Admission is limited, so if you plan to visit be sure to book your tickets in advance!

  5. 5. Berlinische Galerie, Berlin

    The Berlinische Galerie is a museum dedicated to the art of Berlin. The museum is a public institution, displaying local art from 1870 to the present. The architecture is sleek and simple, allowing the visitors to focus on the collection. The work is interdisciplinary, ranging from painting, printmaking, photography, and more! The museum also has a community garden where they host urban gardening workshops as a part of their commitment to their local community. 

  6. 6. TeamLab Borderless, Tokyo

    You’ve probably seen the immersive digital exhibitions of TeamLab Borderless all over Instagram. Created by the TeamLab art collective, TeamLab Borderless is a 21st century museum that aims to create a “Borderless World” where artworks blend into one another. These interactive exhibits have become a staple of Tokyo tourism, with celebrities like Will Smith and Kacey Musgraves making visits for a photo-op against the museum's colorful backdrops. 

  7. 7. Rothko Chapel, Houston

    Rothko Chapel in Houston, Texas is basically the polar opposite of TeamLab Borderless. This non-denominational chapel was created as a spiritual space for peace and mindfulness. The chapel is an octagonal space with fourteen black, color-hued paintings by Mark Rothko adorning its walls. There are eight movable benches for visitors to take a seat on during their quiet contemplation. While these paintings may only look like a black canvas at first, careful observation will reveal hues of browns, mauves, and blues. Rothko Chapel is the ideal museum to rest your busy mind. 

There are so many beautifully curated museums around the world—and you can find so many of them on social media now. Even if we can't go visit them right now, going down an instagram rabbit hole of galleries can be a great way to virtually experience art!