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5 Tips to Stay Healthy in Both Mind and Body

"You've become pretty!”, is the most common compliment that I receive nowadays. Now, please don't think "I'm sick of her bragging," and close your browser! 

I love eating and have often failed diets, but in this article, I would like to introduce five tips to those who are seeking to be “beautiful”.  I ensure that you’ll come across the same compliments as me, if you put these five ideas to practice! The tips are very easy and you can start right after reading this article without having to restrict calories or do extensive workouts. 


What is "Beautiful"?

Before jumping into the five tips, let's think about the definition of the word "beautiful”. An increasing number of trends like "fasting" or "low-carb diets" on social media might make people unconsciously believe that "being slender is the key to be beautiful".  Actually, I used to believe in this myth too. Until, I could say it's wrong based on my personal experience. 

When I was a freshman, I moved to a flat near the university campus and started my independent life for the first time. And since I used to believe in this myth, I tried meal replacement diets and often had only salad for dinner. Consequently, because I used to ride my bike back and forth from school, my body became extremely slim due to the difference in calorie intake and my energy consumption. Moreover, my hair lost its shine and my face started to fill with pimples. I often caught a cold and soon started to gain weight again. After undergoing this horrible transition myself, I came to doubt the myth. Since then, two years have passed and still being flattered by others, what I want to tell you is that the meaning of being "beautiful" is not being skinny or slim, but rather it is about mental and physical health.

Now, let's have a look at my five tips to stay beautiful.

Be Honest to What You Love

One reason being on a diet was difficult for me was having to give up what I really like—eating. So, I decided to eat with three rules—have a well-balanced diet, chew well, and eat moderately. These eating habits helped stop cravings for snacks and stay mentally satisfied. In addition to these rules, I tried staying honest about my interpersonal relationships. My life became stress-free, which helped my diet tremendously.

 Keep Yourself "Hydrated"

 Until two years ago, I used to drink only a bottle of water in a day. But since I've begun to take care of my water intake, swellings in my face and legs have reduced and my skin and lips have gotten softer. That is when I realized water is very significant to our physical condition. According to a Japanese beverage company, Suntory Holdings, more than half of our body is made of water and we can see a lot of merits of it such as promoting blood circulation, regular bowel movement, and boost in metabolism. So, try and make an effort to drink more water!

Warm Up Your Body

It's very important to always keep yourself warm. Not only in winter, but also the summers. If your body is exposed to a cold place for a long time, it can result in poor blood circulation and make you feel sick. Don't underestimate this idea! To fight the cold, I drink  something hot with every meal and avoid drinking chilled beverages. For clothes, I usually wear skinny jeans to keep my legs warm. The days I feel inactive, I try going for a walk to sweat. Consequently, my metabolism sped up, and the swelling disappeared.


Getting enough sleep is essential for our well-being. It recovers us from fatigue and repairs body cells so we can live energetically. Also, not just the quantity, but the quality of sleep crucially impacts our mental health. So, to sleep well, I've tried to stay active in the daytime and tire out my body. And at night, on the contrary, I've tried to relax and calm. To help fall asleep easily, I've spent time reading or listening to my favorite music with the candlelight, instead of being on my phone. 

Let's Smile!

I've always kept up with the latest trends of fashion and cosmetics, but I wonder why people have suddenly started complimenting me? I think the answer lies in the change of my lifestyle and embracing my inner beauty and health. Having good mental and physical health brings a superior glow and positivity to your face than any makeup or dress brings. The time you spend doing what you love with the people you love, softens your face and makes your lips upcurved!

Diets and calorie restrictions can be stressful and the results don’t last permanently. Instead, by trying the five ideas above, for free, you will unconsciously become healthy and feel beautiful. Isn't it fascinating that the results will be permanent and you don’t have to think about going on a diet?

In the next article, Ayaka is going to introduce a detox soup! It would be a great advice for those who want to stay beautiful and healthy. Please stay tuned!

Anzu Ieta

ICU Japan '22

Hey! I am Anzu and am currently a junior at International Christianity University, majoring Language Education and Linguistics. I am obsessed with singing and eating.
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