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5 Affordable Fragrances That Are Perfect for Summer

How do you want to remember the summer of 2020? It might be slightly different from the usual since activities like traveling, partying, going to festivals have been limited. But wearing your favorite summer scent can help you feel like it’s summer even without events and activities.

Smell is a provocative element for memories, which can be used to express yourself and demonstrate your impression to others. So wearing a fresh fragrance can be a symbol for this summer, especially if you usually wear scents with relatively sweet or warm notes and can accentuate your uniqueness.

Here are my personal recommendations of refreshing and lighter fragrances that are relatively affordable and can help you recall this summer!

【SHIRO】Eau de Parfum 

Along with their makeup and skincare products, Shiro offers fragrances at an affordable price range. Their fragrances smell quite douce and less artificial, attracting many men and women—and I’m no exception! 

From their Eau de parfum line “White Tea,” consisting of citrus, green tea and floral notes, is my personal recommendation for summer

【Maison Margiela】Replica Eau de Toilette

Replica is Maison Margiela’s iconic fragrance line and they have released a new eau de toilette for summer: “Bubble Bath.” They offer their fragrances starting from a 10ml size, so it might be easier to purchase for those who’ve never tried fragrances from high end brands before. 

The scents “Lazy Sunday Morning” (the best seller in their Replica line) and “Beach Walk” can also be worn during the summer time.


This fragrance from Clinique, “Happy” has been loved by many since it’s launch. Its citrus and floral notes make this perfume very pleasant and literally boosts you into a happy mood. 

I’d say that a wide range of ladies can enjoy this fragrance for its bright and fresh scent. For a 30ml perfume from luxurious makeup brand, ¥5000 is pretty good deal!

【ZARA×Jo LOVES】Zara Emotions Collection Eau de Parfum

This collab product from ZARA and Jo Loves—founded by Jo Malone—has gone viral and has sold out almost as soon as they launched. But this is not so bizarre since Jo Malone London’s fragrances are typically in a higher price range, costing as much as ¥8,000 plus tax for 30ml of cologne. 


This collab has dropped the price and developed aesthetic parfums with the touch of professional Jo Malone. Fortunately most of the products are now restocked online! My favorite summer scent out of this collection is “Vetiver Pamplemousse”. As its name “pamplemousse” suggests, it contains notes of grapefruit, irresistible for anyone who loves citrus scents. 

【Aesop】Herbal Body Spray 

The last recommended product does not belong in the perfume category, however this body spray from Aesop has a refreshing scent and also functions as a deodorant. Of the two products, I prefer “Herbal Body Spray 24”.

 It has citrus and herbal scents and is produced with natural ingredients such as plant oils. So if you love natural refreshing scents and would love to be odor-free during summer, this might be for you.

Voila, those are my five personal recommendations for summer fragrance! I usually prefer floral, warm and spicy scents but enjoyed trying out new refreshing perfumes. For those who have similar taste, I’d recommend you try scents that have a combination of amber or musk like Shiro’s “White Tea.” Fragrances that have other citrus or green in the top and middle notes should be more familiar.

This article has mainly been written based on my personal preferences, and I highly recommend you trying them in person before making a purchase if possible. But hopefully this will be a help when finding the very summer scents that suit you.  

So far, I’ve mentioned that finding a refreshing and pleasant summer scent to make your summer more memorable and relaxing. However, choosing what fragrance to wear is more connected to exterior factors. In terms of enjoying this summer fully relaxed and health issue free, your physical and inner health is critical. You already know what’s effective for your physical and inner peace: yoga. 

In the next article, Kanako will be writing about yoga for our inner beauty. Make sure you don’t miss it!

Yume Higashi

ICU Japan '21

Yume Higashi is a senior student at ICU majoring in sociology and charmed by French culture during her university years. She has passionate interests in relationships, lifestyles, cuisines, beauty, and fashion.
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