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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ICU (Japan) chapter.

Recently K-dramas, along with other forms of Korean entertainment, has seen a huge surge in viewership globally. Korean dramas have become incredibly popular, not only in Asia but also in western countries as well. Streaming sites such as Netflix and Hulu provide wide ranges of K-dramas to their subscribers with subtitles available in various languages, making them easily available to hundreds of people.

I, myself, watched my very first K-drama about two years ago and am now pretty much addicted to them. Not only are they visually appealing, but they also have very catchy soundtracks with high-quality production and even feature your favorite K-pop idols!

Below, I’m going to tell you four reasons why you should be watching K-dramas right now.

Range of Choices 

First of all, K-dramas have a large variety of choices to choose from, and by a large variety of choices, I’m talking about the genres. From romance to crime to fantasy, K-dramas have it all. If you love learning history, then there are many period dramas to choose from. If you prefer keeping it lighthearted and simple, then there are dramas such as Melo is my Nature. There are even some very popular medical dramas, such as Hospital Playlist, which gives you an insight into the hectic lives of surgeons.

Due to a large amount of variety to choose from, there will always be a drama that will suit you.

Length of the Dramas 

The second reason why I love K-dramas is their length. Korean dramas are typically 16 episodes, some go till 20, and are about an hour long. Furthermore, most of them are only for one season. In fact, in all the dramas I have watched, I have only come across two dramas that have more than one season.

If you’re like me and have problems committing yourself to multiple seasons or find it stressful to wait for and watch all seasons, then K-dramas are the perfect match for you! Not only can you finish them quickly but due to their relatively short length, K-dramas are also perfect for you to binge-watch!

Culture/Language Appeal 

Another reason why I recommend watching K-dramas is because of the culture and language appeal. Due to Covid-19, International traveling is very tight right now and most of us are stuck where we are. If you’re interested in learning about other cultures or are in the middle of learning Korean culture, then watching dramas to enhance your knowledge is not a bad idea. Many dramas are surprisingly very realistic when it comes to portraying Korean culture.

If you’re learning Korean, then watching K-dramas help improve your listening skills is also a good idea.

Life Lessons

The last reason why I recommend watching Korean dramas is because of the lessons they can teach you. Although many k-dramas are lighthearted and comical, many also go deep and touch upon some serious issues. Such as poverty, corruption, psychological disorders, and more. A very popular drama, Itaewon Class, teaches its viewers some very important lessons on patience, redemption, and revenge. Dramas such as these allow you to have a different viewpoint on life and are worth watching repeatedly.

These are the reasons why I recommend watching K-dramas. Be sure to check them out. 

Maanya Choudhary

ICU (Japan) '24

Hi I'm Maanya, currently studying Media Communication and Culture at ICU. I'm from India but I've lived in Japan my entire life. I love reading and writing!