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3 Recommended Tracks to Complete Your Summer Romance

Some of the features which make the portrayal of summer beautiful and romantic in various films would be perhaps the sunlight streams into the window, fresh air you would feel under the shadow of greenery, or a clear cloudless sky. However, such scenery is far from reality; to escape from the intense heat outside, getting stuck into the room of a/c turned on and on for all-day will be something one would expect for these days. But closing the gap between reality and the ideal summer scenery is not impossible if it is with the support of wonderful soundtracks. Below are three highly recommended tracks that can help summer romance this year. 

1. The Volunteers, Summer 

Only two months ago in May, the brand new Korean rock band the Volunteers released their first debut album, The Volunteers, with Yerin Baek as the main vocalist of the group, who already has been one of successful Korean female solo artists. Uniquely, none of the tracks are in Korean lyrics, which can be presumably regarded as the continuation of Yerin Beak’s idea that her voice is rather suited to English lyrics. The last track of their album, Summer, will definitely capture the audience’s heart at its first dreamlike guitar sound. On and on afterward, its lyrics somehow seemed to reminisce back the beautiful summer memory with his or her lover. If you like this track, other tracks of their album, Radio and S.A.D are highly recommended as well as the whole tracks of Yerin Beak’s latest solo album, ‘tellusaboutyourself’. 

2. indigo la End「夏夜のマジック」

The next track Natsuyo no magic(夏夜のマジック) is one of the best and well-known tracks from a Japanese rock band, indigo la end, with the main vocalist Enon Kawatani possibly more known as his famous scandal or as the main vocalist of another rock band named Gesu no kiwami otome(ゲスの極み乙女). To be honest, I personally think the following track does not bring up the image of summer with a cool and fresh breeze because of the lyrics that contain more of a sense of warmth in it. But I believe this track perfectly suits the summer night with some remaining heat at noon, especially when you walk down the streets with a shining lamp post beside you. Take close attention to the beauty of lyrics as well! Other recommended tracks of this band are Play Back End Roll, Tulip, and Omoikiri(想いきり).

3. Keshi – drunk (Audio)

The final track I would like to recommend is Keshi’s single album, drunk. There could be some other best tracks from Keshi such as summer, 2 soon more matched with summer romance, but my best recommendation personally is drunk which fascinated me. I would like to recommend this track to be listened to at the dawn of the summer when the heat of the day has gone leaving just coolness, tranquility, and somewhat melancholy as well. The other tracks from Keshi to be widely known are the skeleton and less of you

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