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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ICU (Japan) chapter.

We’re nearing the end of our fall term but we still have finals week… But let’s not forget, it’s Autumn. Halloween is almost here and things are about to get magical. With the fall season full of crimson sunsets and mellow mornings filled with delicate mists, it’s just the perfect time of year where you find yourself in magic and mystery. I’ve put together a list of three ways that you can enjoy the fall season like a Hogwarts student and get your grind going. 

Study by candlelight instead of electric light 

Why not light some fall-scented candles to study? It’s even perfect for when raindrops are hitting against your bedroom windows. The sound of rain and flickering candlelights will surely wrap you in an ancient atmosphere; when your room smells like sleep, laundry, and tiredness, it can be difficult to get into study mode. As the candle burns, it will fill the air with a subtle and aromatic fall scent and improve your focus. 

Get your study done while sipping butterbeer

Feeling tired from all the work you have to do? I got you covered. There are tons of recipes on Pinterest to mimic this magical drink that will give you that last bit of energy you need to complete that essay! 

Put on Harry Potter study music 

If you’re a music-while-studying type person like me, I have the perfect study music for you (I usually listen to lofi when studying, but I’ll save that for another article). If you really want to feel like a Hogwarts student, what better way to feel like one than to listen to Harry Potter music! If you type in “Harry Potter Study Music” on YouTube, there are so many playlists you can choose from! I recommend this one to start with.

You can make your fall term as magical as you want. Wishing you all the best on the final push! 

Fumina Okahara

ICU (Japan) '23

Hello, I’m Fumina and I’m a sophomore studying at ICU! I love drinking tea and playing jazz on my electric guitar.
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