3 Easy Tips to Give Your New Semester A Great Start!

In two weeks, a new semester will begin! As you may have experienced yourself, most people want to make a fresh start for a new semester. But what kinds of changes should we make for that great start? Here are some tips you can easily implement to start a new semester. New semester, new me!

  1. 1. Play your favorite music during your morning prep

    couple eating breakfast shot from above

    To have a good day, it's important to start things off with a good morning as you prepare for school. But doing something new during your messy, busy morning preparation doesn't seem to make any sense, right? It can be as simple as putting on your favorite music to make you feel productive or at least feel better if you struggle to wake up—I'm sure that lots of us will struggle with getting up early after getting used to staying up late and sleeping in over spring break. Even just listening to some good music can change up your morning in the right way. 

  2. 2. Try wearing something you always leave in your “wish list”

    six women standing in dresses against a cliff

    I know some of you (including myself) have clothes that are super cute and hit your style preference bullseye, but they end up staying in your "wish list" because they don't "fit your usual style." Just give it a try. Spring is the best season to meet new people and start new things—a time of rebirth. You don't have to stay the same old self as you have for a long time, because it's SPRING! No one cares if you try wearing new clothes, new colors, or even new styles! Don't miss this opportunity to reinvent yourself, and don't hesitate to make a change.

  3. 3. Change at least one of your stationery goods  

    dark study with candles taken from above

    You might ask “why?” to this tip but listen up: it’s very important to change your mindset toward your studies. Just a new pen could change your motivation to study and make you more productive. I always try to change my 4-color pen, which is usually used for highlighting, taking notes, or making to-do lists. After changing the colors you used to use, your mindset could change and make you enjoy writing things down with these new stationery items. 

Spring is known as 別れの季節 or "the season of farewells" in Japan which can make people feel depressed or anxious about change: new studies, new friends—even the sudden Covid-19 pandemic. But just starting something new or changing up your routine could give your spring, also known as 出会いの季節 or "the season of new encounters," a great start!