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How do you usually get information? Online news? TV? These days, it seems that many young people don’t really watch the news at all. Today, social media has become so widespread that everyone can access any information they want on Twitter or Instagram.
Well, what is Japan’s most popular and oldest source of information? Yes, the newspaper. The attraction newspapers have is the reliability of the information. When I am reading a newspaper, I like that I can see topics that I am not interested in and feel that it opens up a world that I didn’t know existed.
Here I would like to introduce you to some projects by newspaper companies that are targeting young people like us.


Since October last year, the Chugoku Shinbun has launched an initiative called “Chugoku Shinbun U35”. This service provides news articles on the Internet, mainly focusing on local news, based on what people under 35 want to know. The aim is to improve the situation where young people are losing interest in the news. The articles are mainly posted on a blogging platform called ‘note’. Also, they are constantly posting information on Instagram, which makes it easy for young people to reach them. It’s really nice being able to access reliable news easily and at any time.


Next, I would like to introduce “bizble” a service provided by Asahi Shinbun. This was launched in April last year for people in their twenties and thirties, providing information based on the concept of “delivering the ‘economy’ for you”. The service targets people in businesses and features the opinions of various experts. Also, a registered member can comment on posts, so communication across the board is recommended. You may find some hints for your life by thinking about the “economy” around you.

3. キャンパる

Finally, let me introduce you to the Mainichi Shinbun’s “キャンパる” initiative. This is a newspaper feature in which students serve as journalists. The students themselves do the reporting, editing, and publishing of the articles in newspapers and on the Mainichi Shinbun website. Student journalists can reaffirm the credibility of newspapers by writing their own articles. Articles from a young person’s perspective would be more likely to reach young readers.

These are just three examples, but there are many other ways newspapers target young people. Why don’t you try some of these initiatives and start reading the news? Please let me know if you find any good content!

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