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10 things to start 1 month before Christmas

One month before Christmas! Though it’s still the beginning of November, we have no time to immerse ourselves in the Halloween mood anymore. As you know, time flies at the end of the year. If you want to make Christmas 2021 happier and more special than ever, there are a bunch of things you can prepare from today! Here, I listed 10 easy recommendations to start during November so that you can welcome a wonderful holy night! 

Collect/make lovely Christmas cards

If you are the kind of person who always ends up sending birthday or New Years’ cards one day before the day in a hurry, don’t do the same thing for Christmas this year. This time try to finish writing at least by the beginning of December so that receivers can display them throughout the Advent period. So what we need to do now is to get or make them. From my experience, it’s a pretty hard task to find the best Christmas card when you want, so I recommend you to start checking cards sections in stores while you have time. If you plan to make your own cards, start working on them from today because the closer the year-end comes, the busier you’ll get!

Clean the house

It is very important to clean your house before decorating it. Even if the decorations are so gorgeous, their beauty would halve in a messy room. So why don’t you start by tidying up your desk? Then make sure to finish the entire house by the beginning of December step by step. Decluttering for Christmas definitely helps to reduce the burden of year-end cleaning.

Get your advent calendar

The advent calendar is meaningless if you don’t have it from December 1st! So, I recommend you to go ‘Advent calendar hunting’ with your friends this weekend. Today its options are so extensive and fun. For example, some calendars contain tea bags, cosmetics, Christmas ornaments, or even alcoholic beverages instead of chocolates. They must be so effective to get everyone in your house into the holiday spirits.

Create your own playlists

Christmas doesn’t come without good music, seriously. We have hundreds of great playlists on music streaming services, but why don’t you make your one and only playlist this year? It would be nice to create a few versions depending on the situation, such as ‘for studying,’ ‘for a dinner party,’ or ‘for Christmas Eve.’ Also, make sure to let it include your family members’ holiday tunes as well. But, be careful not to get sick of listening to them by doing it too much!

Make a gift list

This is one of the priorities you have to give yourself plenty of time to do. First, you list up gift recipients so as not to forget anyone. Then, try to draw their wishlists out by observing and talking to them. It doesn’t have to be a big fancy present, but take your time to decide who and what to give in order not to rush into the stores three hours before the party!

Find a good hiding spot for gifts

What you need to do after cleaning your house is to secure the space to hide the presents. This is actually a much more tricky task than you are expecting, so don’t underestimate it and save the perfect spots from now on!

Go to see enchanting show windows

It’s November yet, but the cities are getting in a Christmas mood already. If you want to set the holiday mood, just walk down the streets and look at show windows. Especially the department stores’ decorations are amazing and enchanting to see. Not only will they excite you but also give you a lot of inspiration about house decorations.

Check Christmas events and concerts

If you want to have a bit more extravagant feeling than usual Christmas, exposing yourself to art is the best way. In the Christmas season, a bunch of wonderful events are held throughout the countries, for example, ballet, orchestra, caroling events, and many other live concerts. Once you find the show you hope to attend, buy the tickets first and foremost. Don’t let it get you down, even if the concert is fully booked. Getting tickets is all about being patient!

Master baking perfect gingerbread cookies

Cookies always make people happy, even more so if they have lovely smiley faces on them. If you are hoping to entertain your family, friends, and a special guest, Santa, with perfect homemade cookies, try some recipes and master your favorite one while you have time. Once you make it your own, you can use the skill forever.

Try to be a good person

The most important preparation for Christmas is being grateful for everything and treating people with kindness and love. Even if there are no fancy decorations, food, or presents, Christmas is just fantastic enough with warm humanity. The Christmas miracle happens to everyone, but it depends on your mind whether you can take it as a miracle. Let’s try to be more considerate of others and choose the right things to do for the rest of 2021. Santa is always looking at you!

I hope you enjoyed this article and have amazing Christmas filled with love and happiness!

Maasa Yamamoto

ICU Japan '24

I'm currently studying at International Christian University and am a member of Fridays for Future Japan. I'm passionate about movies, musicals, vintage things and writing something by hand, and my recent biggest concern is climate change. Also I'm a big fan of "My Brilliant Friend" by Elena Ferrante!
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