What Trump Has Given Us

I believe that out of every situation some shred of good can be found. This is applicable to all sorts of things, but for the purpose of this article I believe that no matter where you fall on the political spectrum you can find some good in each presidency this country has had … yes, even Trump’s. I’m not saying you have to like the guy, but if you cannot note one good thing about somebody, you cannot claim you have an open mind.

Here is my good thing about the Trump Administration:

Until Trump ran for president I didn’t realize how divided our nation was. I had lived my whole life in a very liberal bubble and in many ways could not understand the vast majority of Republican policies. I rolled my eyes when Trump announced his plan to run; it was comical in my mind. Who would vote for someone like that? But that’s where I was completely misled.

As a people, Democrat or Republican--it doesn’t matter, you should be pissed off. Our government and political system has cheated you out of so much in life. They make you take a side when it comes to politics. How many of us believe our side is right? You’ve been indoctrinated into a political mindset and told the other side is wrong.

Our government has led to the breeding of hatred that doesn’t even need to be there. When did democracy become voting for your team so the other loses? What ever happened to voting for the candidate you think will be the best fit, no matter the side? Democrats and Republicans love to throw shade at one another. We love having our side win and make fun of the other while doing it. But what are we doing? We’re creating an environment of hatred, fear, disgust, and distrust. We act as though the others are monsters, how could they think the things they think, when in reality we’re all American citizens.

The intolerance for one another is saddening. You can’t even have a decent conversation on politics when the two sides are together. Instead of bringing open minds to the table we come prepared to plant our flag in one another to show we have converted them to our side. We have conversations that begin with yelling and statements such as “you’d never understand”. We wonder why our country has so many problems? Look around, we haven’t been able to see eye to eye with one another for a very long time and I’m personally sick of it.

When did we lose sight of learning from one another? Why did Trump’s campaign work so well? Maybe because he tapped into a portion of the country that thought he could help them. People who felt their voices weren’t heard, people who work insanely long days to get too little pay, and people who feel like their country has forgotten them. Our government may have a long way to go to regain the respect and trust they should be striving to gain back but as a collective people we should be doing the same for one another. Enough of this vilifying of the other side. If your beliefs are as correct as you believe they are, then you should be able to find a way to understand where the person next to you is coming from.