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Walk-A-Mile In Her Shoes

This Sunday, April 19th, interested men and women will gather on the steps of Coxe Hall adorned with high heels. Together they will take on the daunting task of walking a mile in women’s heels. The Walk-A-Mile In Her Shoes event is hosted annually by different groups and organizations around the world.  These groups are all determined to take a stand against sexual assault and violence against women.  The event was held at HWS for the first time last year and was a great success.

The event utilizes a playful, comical, and light-hearted approach to addressing an extremely serious issue. Designing the event in this way encourages more people to join. A welcoming environment is created in which both men and women can converse about issues regarding rape, sexual assault, and gender violence. According to the Walk-A-Mile In Her Shoes national organization, the event is “abundant with opportunities to get people talking. For preventive education, it helps men better understand and appreciate women’s experiences, thus changing perspectives, helping improve gender relationships and decreasing the potential for violence. For healing, it informs the community that services are available for recovery. It demonstrates that men are willing and able to be courageous partners with women in making the world a safer place.”

[Students walk across campus in heels during last years first anual Walk-A-Mile In Her Shoes event.] 

At HWS the event is organized by HEAR, Hobart for Equality and Respect, and all the proceeds are given to Safe Harbors. Jordan Mueller, vice president of HEAR explained that “Safe Harbors is located in Ontario County. It is an organization that provides services for people who have been affected by assault, violence or abuse, whether sexual or domestic, at some point in their lives. They provide free services to them, whether that is consultation, transportation to a hospital or just support in general. Essentially all the proceeds collected at Walk-A-Mile will be directly given to Safe Harbors.”

“We are always trying to do things to get more people to come out and support the cause because it is such an important issue and we would love to see as many members of the HWS community, men and women, participating in the walk.” Jordan explained that this year there would be many different sources of entertainment at the event. “There will be musical acts and performances from Three Miles Lost, Perfect Third, and the Hobartones before the walk. Also, the Sustainable Foods club will be hosting food trucks, so there will be local food trucks from Rochester and elsewhere, there will also be local ice cream vendors, so it will be really fun!”

Walk-A-Mile In Her Shoes supports a great cause, and gives you something new and different to occupy your Sunday afternoon. So this Sunday, women, put on the most comfortable heels you have in your closet, and men, find a pair of heels large enough to fit your foot, and make your way to Coxe Hall to participate in Walk-A-Mile In Her Shoes!

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