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Top Games for a Girl's Night In

A great way to make a girl’s night in fun is to bring out the board games! Now, I know it feels like you haven’t played a board game in years, but I promise there are tons of fantastic games out there. Playing with the girls can be a good form of stress relief because it helps take your mind off school for a while. Here are a few of the best games that I have found for those nights where you just can’t seem to leave your dorm room.


For those who want a good laugh with a bigger group of people…


  • Cards Against Humanity - 4+ players - Cards Against Humanity is a classic party card game, with the tagline “A party game for horrible people.” The basis of the game is like an adult Apples to Apples, full of many explicit cards. Plus, they have tons of expansive packs, including this College Expansion Pack and Period Pack
  • The Voting Game – 2-10 players – This game revolves around the simple question, “Who is most likely to…” The players read scenarios off cards and then vote for which player is most likely to do something, which could lead to some very interesting stories. Pro tip, you can always include friends who technically aren’t playing but can still add answers. The Voting Game also comes with great expansion packs, like this NSFW pack which can really spice up the game.
  • Exploding Kittens – 2-5 players – This game was the most backed Kickstarter yet, and for a good reason. Participants play against each other in attempt to be the last man alive, aka not an exploded kitten. This quick card game can always lighten the mood, while still being a strategy-based.
  • Superfight – 3+ players – Superfight is the game for anyone who can argue their way to the moon. The leader picks a scenario that fits a character. Players are given character cards (ex: Obama) and attribute cards (ex: who has chainsaw for hands). Out of the cards dealt to them, they must pick the perfect person and attribute to fight against the others. The catch is, the leader knows who put down each card, so you can argue why your character is the winner. If you and your friends love to debate, this is the game for you!


For those who would rather work together…


  • Pandemic – 2-4 players – In Pandemic, you work together to fight off four virulent diseases which have taken over the world. As a team, you must go to different cities to treat the people, cure the illnesses, and eventually eradicate them.  This game is great for anyone who loves strategy and working together to, literally, save the world.
  • Flash Point: Fire Rescue – 2-6 players – Flash Point is also a team game, where you work as a group of firefighters to save a family from a burning house. The cool thing about this game is there are different add-ons to make it as simple or as difficult as you like. While a little difficult to grasp at first, you and your friends will be into it in no time!
  • Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle – 2-4 players – Calling all Harry Potter fans, this game is for you! In this, you work together as Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville to defeat the villains. This game is a deck-building game, so you start at Year 1 and work up until Year 7, introducing new characters, antagonists, and items throughout. And trust me, there is no better feeling than defeating Voldemort!
  • Forbidden Island – 1-4 players – In Forbidden Islands, players must work together to save precious treasures before the island sinks. This game is super cheap and compact, which makes it easy to keep in a dorm. Plus, it features really amazing art and actually won a few awards for being the “Best Game of the Year.”


For those who like strategy…


  • Bananagrams – 1-8 players – Bananagrams is best described as a travel Scrabble. Players attempt to build crosswords with their letters given, either separate or on a communal board. It can be super laid back or competitive, and your English major friends will love it.
  • Ticket to Ride – 2-5 players – In this game, players collect train cars and use them to build railways across the map. It is known as a “gateway” board game, because it is easy to learn and become addicted to. This is one of the top board games to play if you want to have a fun time while still getting that strategy and decision-making dilemma in.
  • Any of the Classics – Monopoly, Game of Life, Clue, Risk, etc. are iconic, so they're always fun to go back and play. Next time you are home, grab a few to bring back to school. You’ll be surprised by how fun they still are!