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This semester fraternities on campus have been under heat because of “rush boobs.” This means that as a method of recruitment the fraternities used photos of female breasts with “rush xyz” written on them. Some of these photos were posted on Instagram. They have in turn become the talk of campus. Numerous faculty members and students are up in arms about the female objectification in these photos. They believe the bodies of women are being used as an advertisement, “If you come here you’ll get this object. Personalities not included.”

“Rush boobs” has sparked a campus wide discussion on fraternity culture. Fraternities are notorious for having a culture which does not respect women. The routes of this reputation can be found in them only letting the “prettiest” girls in the door, rush boobs, or, on the extreme side, sexual assault. Many women feel unsafe and belittled at fraternity parties due to this culture. So, if not frats, where should these women go on Friday and Saturday nights? Members of the campus wish to use the energy and outrage surrounding the “rush boob incident” to change campus. They wish to create party spaces where women feel safer. This, for the most part, means parties thrown by women. Currently, it is hard for women on campus to throw parties. Theme houses have numerous restrictions and hoops that must be jumped through before a party can be thrown. These things are more relaxed for fraternity parties. This is what people are fighting to change.

What do you think about rush boobs? Is it bad? Do you want to have more female run parties on campus? Let us know in the comments!

Amelia is a sophomore at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. She plans on majoring in Political Science with a minor in Writing and Rhetoric. At HWS, she is a Writing Colleague and a member of the ski team. She loves the ocean, purple cow ice cream, history and following the news.  
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