The Pasta America is Missing Out On

When you think of Italy what first comes to mind other than pizza? Obviously pasta. You always hear how Italy has the best pasta in the world, and now after living here for two months I know how true that is. The pasta is so FRESH and at many restaurants that you can see it being handmade, and I even got to take a cooking class and try it myself. Italy also places a huge emphasis on fresh ingredients to compliment the pasta and since my favorite "fake Italian" pasta (fettucini alfredo) is not a thing here, I figured I'd give you a list of some of the best pasta dishes you have to try when you come to Rome!

Cacio e Pepe

The literally meaning of cacio e pepe is "cheese and pepper" and those two simple ingredients combined with fresh pasta is a delicious combination that you can find on any menu in Rome! This is actually the dish that is considered closest to an alfredo or a cream sauce because the cheese for is typically very creamy!


Tonnarello al carbonara! Traditional Italian carbonara includes eggs, cheese, bacon, and pepper (absolutely no cream or milk as according to tradition)! Another authentic Italian dish that can be found on any pasta menu in Rome, this dish is a staple to Italian food lover. 

Spaghetti al Pomodoro 

A simple spaghetti with lots of fresh tomato and tomato sauce, and a little basil on top (no meatball though). If spaghetti and meatballs are on the menu, you are most likely not at a traditional Italian restaurant! You can NEVER go wrong with this simple yet classic Italian dish.

Bucatini Amatricana

This contains pecorino cheese, tomatoes, and guanicole (tastes like bacon chunks). Amatricana is another pasta dish with which you can not go wrong! I have yet to not see it on a menu, and I will miss seeing it on menus in a few months!