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An Open Letter to my Friend Who Just Got Accepted To Go Abroad

Dear Friend Who Just Got Accepted To Go Abroad,

Wow, holy crap you are going abroad. We’re first-years now and in less than a year you will be living by yourself in the middle of Europe. I can barely wrap my head around it. I know we just met this year and I still don’t know your favorite ice cream flavor or your dream car, but we’ve survived our first year together. We’ve gotten through our first finals week, boy problems, roommate problems, and almost everything in between. I will miss you so much.

But, first off, let me say how incredibly pumped and excited I am for you. This is incredible. This is huge. You have gotten into your top choice for abroad and we’ve been waiting for this. We have always heard that going abroad is one of the best opprotunities college can offer, and that's not bull$hit. First semester was hard. It sucked. But now we are getting into our groove here and learning more about each other and having a blast. I am freaking out that my breakfast buddy and campus soul sister is going to her dream city. So let me just say, holy crap this is happening and I am so proud of you.



Now that we have both freaked out and cried of happiness enough, let me say I am crying a bit on the inside. You’re leaving me! We will only be sophomores and you will be living across the world! I am crying, and do not know what I will do without you. What will happen to our standing breakfast dates, workouts or spontaneous trips to McDonalds? Let’s be honest, I am freaking out more than you. I am Robin, hiding from Patrice.



But enough for my pity party, let’s celebrate for you because this is incredible. You are following your dreams by going abroad. You will be traveling to different European cities every weekend, drinking beer we have never had before, eating food we have never seen or smelled, and meeting people you will never forget. I’ll be on campus, walking the same routes every day, seeing the same people and eating the same food. I can’t wait for you to laugh, cry, and have the most fun you have ever had.

Take a moment to appreciate how incredible it is for you, a sophomore, to be embarking on this journey. Take a moment, let it sink in. You are doing this. You are following your dreams, going abroad and doing this crazy amazing thing. You are moving your whole life to Europe in a year. Let it saturate and it let feel real. Jump on your bed and yell from the top of your lungs. You did this. You are incredible, and I am so proud.


Your Friend on Campus

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