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The Latest Buzz on the HWS OneCard


Big things have been happening with the OneCard. This fall the school issued new ID cards to students as part of the new OneCard system.  The card is the all-in-one access card to many things around campus. Students can use the OneCard to access resident halls, the gym, Meal Plans, Snack Money, and athletic events.  As of last semester, card access was installed in all major residence halls, and currently they are working on installing card access in small houses and at O’dells.

Not only will the OneCard help students gain access and pay for things around campus, the OneCard will also help with security. In the event of a lockdown the campus will be shutdown faster than in the previous system. “The card readers are both wired and have battery packs. If the campus were to lose power, the battery pack would kick in to make sure that students can still access their buildings. This ensures that students will always be able to access their buildings in case of a power outage,” said Alyssa Sadkin, OneCard Student Rep.

A key aspect of the OneCard is that it can be used like a debit card on and off- campus! This works different than the “snack money” we are accustomed to, and instead uses real money that can be transferred onto the cards. Last week, HWS OneCard announced that students can now use their card to make purchases in the Geneva community.  

So where can you use your OneCard downtown?

“As far as OneCard usage downtown, we are currently in the pilot stage and Mark’s, Char, and Opus are currently the vendors accepting OneCard. This is a huge step for us!” – Alysa Sadkin, OneCard Student Rep.

How can you add money?

You can add “real money” to purchase by going online to GET FUNDS and using your HWS log in name and password.  On GET FUNDS you can see your account balance, view past transactions, cue up your credit or debit card information to easily add money to your account, and report a lost or found card online. You can even send e-mails to family and friends inviting them to add funds to your account.  You can also download the GET mobile app for Apple and Android phones for convenient access.


What about more options?

As the pilot is going, they are working with more vendors in the Geneva community to add more options for students.

What can’t you buy using the OneCard?

The OneCard funds cannot be used to purchase tobacco and alcohol. Regardless of age.

Have more questions about the OneCard? Email sgonecard@hws.edu. Stay up-to date on all the latest OneCard news on the HWS website or by liking HWS OneCard on Facebook!  

Kelsey is senior at Hobart and William Smith Colleges (HWS), where she is pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and American Studies. In addition to being a campus contributor for Her Campus, Kelsey is also a member of the HWS Leads program. She is loves to do yoga and is a Frank Sinatra enthusiast. She hopes to one day work for a major news outlet that focuses on government and politics. She hopes to go into public relations or marketing upon graduating.
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