HWS Bucket List

Go To A Welcome Back Concert

T-Pain, Waka Flocka … just to name a couple. They might not be your top choice of performer, but watching an inexpensive performance with all your friends is worth it - even if you only go for a little bit!


Day Drink on the Quad/Docks

Take advantage of the warm days! Relax and have a drink with you friends in a beautiful spot.


Go to Saga (and visit Shirley)

The place all students love to hate. Make sure you get in some saga-sitting during your time here - no place is better for people watching! Don’t forget to show Shirley some love either, I still have no idea how she remembers every students name.


Go to a Midnight Breakfast

It’s so nice to see everyone come together after stressing for finals to relax and enjoy some good-old saga breakfast, music and the company of friends. It may even be the last time you see some of your friends with all the craziness of finals!


Jump in Seneca Lake

Yes, I know it’s freezing the majority of the time we’re here, but you HAVE to do it at least once before you graduate.

Make It On TWIP

Everyone (or almost everyone) loves to have their picture taken, and it’s even cooler to see your face pop up on the main page of HWS’s website. Keep your eye out for Kevin with the camera!


Make the Dean’s List

Because you know we do go to college to learn and it’s great to see your name in your hometown newspaper.


Order Pizza From Every Pizza Place in Geneva

Finally decide which pizza is your favorite! (*cough, cough* Cam’s!)


Go To Every Bar in Geneva

There are so many bars in Geneva, and make sure you show them each some love at least once while you’re still here!