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Campus Celebrities: Student Trustee Candidates ’17

Every spring semester, students at HWS have the opportunity to vote to select one rising junior from Hobart, and one from William Smith, to serve as non-voting members of the Board of Trustees. In their senior year, Student Trustees make a big jump and become voting members of the board. The Student Trustee is the highest held leadership position on campus and these ambitious ladies are ready to take on the challenge of this coveted position. Meet the William Smith Candidates running for Student Trustee: Lucy Carr, Sydney Gomez, Veronica Mann, and Meegan Scally!

Lucy Carr

Class Year: 2017

Major(s): Media & Society, Spanish & Hispanic Studies

Minor(s): Writing & Rhetoric, Anthropology

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Sydney Gomez

Class Year: 2017

Major(s): Psychology

Minor(s): Spanish, Media & Society

Hometown: New York City, New York 

Veronica Mann

Class Year: 2017

Major(s): Political Science

Minor(s): Education

Hometown: Dover-Sherborn, Massachusetts

Meegan Scally

Class Year: 2017

Major(s): Media & Society

Minor(s): Economics

Hometown: Irvington, New York


HC: Why did you choose HWS?

LC: I chose HWS because I really wanted a small liberal arts school where I knew I could get a really great education and meet some really great people. I also wanted to get out of Georgia and go somewhere completely different, and when I stepped onto campus for the first time, I knew it was the school for me. The lake was just an added bonus!  

SG: It was more like HWS chose me. I didn’t really know where I wanted to go, but after I visited HWS during mid-winter break of my senior year I knew this was the place for me. 

VM: I chose HWS because it is a huge family school for me, so I grew up hearing about all the great things HWS has to offer. I loved the sense of community that I could feel when I was on campus. I could really see myself studying here and being active in the community in a variety of ways. I wanted to be known by my professors, as well as having that support system built into my school experience. 

MS: I didn’t originally have HWS on my college list at all until my guidance counselor kept encouraging me to come visit. I know it sounds cliché, but I got on campus and I just knew this is where I was going to end up. I loved the sense of community, the small class sizes and obviously the gorgeous campus. I also came on a 60 degree day in December so that didn’t hurt.

HC: What are you involved in on and off campus?

LC: On campus I’m a member of the HWS Chorale group where we hold concerts throughout the semester and have a tour to New York City in the spring. I am also in Three Miles Lost (more singing)! We also have several concerts throughout the year and I get to sing with my best friends and just really enjoy myself. I volunteer at the Geneva Boys and Girls Club, which is incredibly rewarding since I absolutely love kids and I get to see them every week. Also, I work on campus at the Bristol Field-House gym. I recently just became a part of the Student Advisory Committee where I’ll give back to Student Activities about events and things on campus, which I’m really excited about! I’m in Koshare where I just recently performed for the first time this past semester and it was so fun! Aside from these core activities I am also in the Days of Service Club. 

SG: I’m Co-Vice President of Sankofa: Black Student’s Union, Public Relations for CAB, and a DJ at WHWS-Fm. I’ve tutored for America Reads for three semesters now. I currently sit on the College Bookstore Committee and the Budget Allocation Committee. 

VM: On campus, I work and volunteer in a variety of places on campus. I spend a lot of time as a tour guide for Admissions, I help tutor English language learners as a Writing Colleague, volunteer as an America Reads tutor, and assisted with Orientation this past fall. Off campus, I work as a nanny in Maine during the summer and spend my free time sailing, and spending time with family and friends.

MS: I spend a lot of time working in Admissions, answering phones and giving tours, I live in Hope House for Cancer Awareness, was involved with Orientation this past year (and hope to be involved with Orientation again in the future), volunteer within and outside the Geneva community, and I am a chapter contributor for Her Campus HWS!

HC: Why did you decide to run for Student Trustee?

LC: Honestly, I have become so in love with HWS through the many activities I do on campus that I just really would love to give back to what it has given me. With the many groups I’m involved in, I think I really do have some great experience around this campus that would allow me to be a voice for the student body and I really want to be that for William Smith Class of 2017.

SG: I decided to run because I’ve noticed the disconnect in dialog and interactions between student groups on campus and between students and administration; it’s something that I want to change by being the liaison between all in order to have a unified community. 

VM: I want to be a Student Trustee because I am very interested in how HWS works behind the scenes. I want the opportunity to give back to HWS, for they have given me so many resources to become the student and person I am today. I decided to run for Student Trustee because I think that I would do a great job representing WS women and be the voice to institute change on this campus. I know I would be able to connect, listen to, and ultimately represent William Smith so that our voices our heard by the Board of Trustees. 

MS: I decided to run for Student Trustee because I believe I can help create a more open and honest conversation between students on campus and the Board of Trustees. I think the current Student Trustees are doing a great job at getting the opinions of students to the Board and I think I can bring new perspectives to further their ideas for the future. I am so passionate about HWS and I want to represent each William Smith student.

HC: What are some qualities that you have that would make you a good Student Trustee?

LC: I think I would be a good Student Trustee because of my ability to take on any task with dedication. Any of my friends can tell you I don’t finish something until it’s perfect and I think this is the quality that would most benefit my role as a Student Trustee. I’m very personable, outgoing and easy to communicate with, and I am very hard working.  

SG: I know what it is like working with people and wanting your voice heard. By being involved on campus and being the observant person, I know that I can be the voice all HWS students need. 

VM: I would like people to know that I am a compassionate, hard working, resourceful and a loyal team player. All of these qualities would make me a good Student Trustee because I would successfully be able to provide a well-rounded voice to the HWS campus. 

MS: I’m a very friendly, hardworking and organized person and I think those are three of the most important qualities to have to be a good Student Trustee. I am easily approachable and interested in learning about new perspectives and opinions. I believe all of these qualities will help me be a good Student Trustee. 

HC: What is your field of study/Why did you choose this?

LC: I obviously have a couple fields of studies…and that is because I was very indecisive before choosing. I decided on Media & Society after attending Advertising/PR Day in New York City this past winter break and really loved what I saw about the world of advertising. I have been studying Spanish since I could walk, and it’s always been a passion of mine, so I didn’t want to give that up. I’ve also found an interest in Anthropology and Writing through many classes on campus, and decided to minor in those to hopefully serve as assets to my majors.

SG: I’m a psychology major because I love learning what makes humans tick. Why we behave the way we do and what motivates us. I’m also interested in how we interact with one another. 

VM: I am studying political science with a concentration in international relations. I chose the major ultimately because it was the discipline with classes that interested me the most, and I have always been interested in a career in politics, especially in the international realm. I am also in the education program, where I am studying to be an elementary school teacher with a certification in special needs. I hope to combine both of these disciplines to work either at a Non-Profit Organization, or helping educational policy.  

MS: I entered HWS knowing that I wanted to major in Media and Society with a concentration in cultural production because of some internships that I had in high school. I had the opportunity to intern in the production department at an advertising agency the summer before college and the summer before that I interned with the CBS television show “The Good Wife”. After being really immersed in the production department of these industries, I knew I was passionate about media, so choosing my major was pretty easy for me. 

HC: What is your greatest accomplishment at HWS so far?

LC: My greatest accomplishment would probably be the internship I have been accepted to for this upcoming summer. After Advertising/PR Day I was accepted to do a 10-week internship in New York City with an advertising company called Merkley + Partners. I am so excited for the experience!

SG: My greatest accomplishment so far has been putting myself out there and running for the Student Trustee position! 

VM: My greatest accomplishment at HWS would definitely be my involvement in the Writing Colleague program. It was an intense interview process, as well as a strenuous training seminar which taught me many ways to help others with their writing, as well improving my own skills. It has given me many academic resources, as well as excellent time management skills that I hope to incorporate into my position as Student Trustee. 

MS: I’m pretty proud of how much I’ve pushed my limits and gotten outside of my comfort zone. My abroad experience in Wales this summer was so different from anything I’ve ever done before because the whole program was based on outdoor education and I was never a very ‘outdoorsy’ person, but I pushed myself to do it and it ended up being one of the most rewarding and amazing experiences I’ve ever had.

HC: What is one interesting thing most people don’t know about you?

LC: I lived across the street from Usher for 4 years, and when I finally met him he gave me a giant bag of nacho cheese Doritos!

SG: I’m pretty hilarious once you get to know me! 

VM: That I lived in Seoul, South Korea for a part of my childhood! Although I was younger, it was an experience that I relate to today that has made me better at communication, adapt to my surroundings and as well as connect to lots of different people. 

MS: I can Irish Step dance! I took classes for about 10 years and it was a huge part of my life. I hope that some day I’ll be able to pick that up again.

HC: Do you plan to go abroad? If so what are you most excited to do while off campus?

LC: I am going to Seville, Spain next fall! I am mostly excited to travel Europe and become fluent in Spanish. I also am really looking forward to that siesta everyday! 

SG: I’m going abroad to Spain in the fall, which has always been a dream of mine. I hope to not only improve my Spanish but I want to broaden my horizons and immerse in a different culture. I plan to come back with a different perspective and a more open mind than I do now. 

VM: I am sailing across the Atlantic as my abroad experience! Next fall, I will be boarding a sailboat with 20 other students with the program Sea/Mester, to embark on a journey around the Mediterranean Sea, down the coast of Africa, and across the Atlantic to the Caribbean. On board, I will be taking classes, exploring the many incredible places we will be visiting, and strengthening my sailing capability. 

MS: Yes! I am going abroad Fall 2015 to Edinburgh, Scotland! I was abroad this summer in Wales through the HWS summer program and I loved being in the UK and experiencing the culture there. I’m excited to spend more time there and really push myself to try new things. I definitely want to travel all throughout Europe and just be able to see different parts of the world and gain new perspectives. I had an amazing experience with my first study abroad adventure and I’m hoping the next is just as fulfilling and exciting! 

HC: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

LC: I see myself living in New York City in an apartment, one that looks like the inside of Anthropologie of course, with a job that I really love. 

SG: I see my self graduating from grad school and staring a career in the music industry.

VM: In five years, I hope to be 24. After college, I hope to be in the Teach for America program, working with underprivileged students across the country. During that time, I hope to be getting my Masters degree and just continuing my future as a WS grad! 

MS: In 5 years I will hopefully have a steady job in production of either television shows or commercials. I definitely see myself living in NYC and working hard, but hopefully having some time to have fun and find someone to spend my life with. I definitely have a plan for myself but I’m also comfortable with that plan changing, I just want to be happy and enjoy where I am in life.

HC: Who is your role model? Why?

LC: I know it’s cheesy, but definitely my parents. They are both always reminding me to be happy, take advantage of every opportunity and to work hard. They’ve taught me to never give up on things, which really turned me into the person I am, so I can’t thank them enough. Also, they are both HWS alum, which probably helped them become so awesome!

SG: My mom is my role model because she is just so strong, selfless, and friendly. She doesn’t let anything or anyone get her down, she’s pretty cool.  

VM: My role model is my mother because she has a tireless positive attitude even in bad situations. She is constantly reminding me to be my best self, and leads by example in her own life. 

MS: I’ve always really looked up to my grandfather. He was incredibly smart, cared so much for his family, was so kind to everyone, and he was not afraid to stand up for what he believed in. I admire the qualities that he had and I hope that I show those qualities throughout my life too.

HC: Do you have a motto that you live by?

LC: “You’ve got just one life, so don’t waste it.” 

SG: Never Never Never Never Give Up- Winston Churchill 

VM: “Don’t sweat the petty things, and don’t pet the sweaty things” 

MS: I think it’s just important to put yourself out there, not limit yourself and don’t take life too seriously. Even if things don’t always work out the way you planned, taking risks and trying new things teaches you a lot about yourself.

HC: If you were to be voted as the next student trustee, what do you most look forward to?

LC: I really look forward to dedicating myself to the Board of Trustees and training to serve as a voice for the student body. I think it is an incredible leadership position and I would be incredibly honored to be able to fulfill it. 

SG: Meeting new people on campus and being able to voice the opinions of my peers and myself. 

VM: I would look forward to seeing the in’s and out’s of how HWS runs, and being a part of such a prestigious group of people. I also look forward to getting to know more WS women, and hearing about all of their fantastic ideas for how to better our campus. 

MS: I would look forward to representing William Smith students and being someone that they can rely on to help make this campus better for the students. It’s exciting to think about all of the connections that I could make with different members of the administration and the student body, and the different ideas and perspectives that I would learn about through these connections. 

HC: What do you want to be remembered for at HWS?

LC: Being William Smith Student Trustee, Class of 2017! 

SG: Being an active member on campus. 

VM: I want to be remembered as a happy, friendly and involved student who worked hard and achieved her goals! 

MS: I want to be remembered as someone who was hardworking, fun and kind. I want people to remember how committed I am to helping other people and making others smile.

Be sure to vote for your next Student Trustee this Friday, March 6!  First-Years – Seniors can vote in this election.  

Julianne is junior at Hobart and William Smith Colleges (HWS), where she is pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, with a double minor in Media & Society and the Writing Colleagues Program.  In addition to being a Campus Correspondent for Her Campus, Julianne is also a Writing Colleague on campus, and is the Publicity Chair for HWS Votes.  She is obsessed with her dog, Joelle, and loves to follow politics.  She hopes to one day work for a major news outlet that focuses on government and politics.
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