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Artist Watch for Fall Semester

Start tuning into these new artists for your Fall 2015 semester.

1. Halsey

You’ve probably heard her most popular song Ghost, remixed hundreds of times on SoundCloud (each one gets better by the mix). Her unique sound of alternative pop style really rings through the traditional, trendy pop music culture. Not only is her edgy but her style is just as rad.

2. Kelvin Jones

A lot of valued artists were discovered via YouTube. Kelvin Jones was a YoutTuber and was really discovered when a fan posted his song on Reddit. In a few days “Call You Home” got thousands of upvotes that eventually gained hundreds of thousands of listeners. His acoustic pop genre is the ultimate music to. Plus he’s from the UK which makes him all the more better.

3. Niykee Heaton

Known for her popular covers and EP album “Bad Intentions” — Ms. Heaton knows how to bring the heat to a wide variety of contemporary R&B, rap, and the occasional acoustic genre. Her SoundCloud is also very popular amongst those who use the music site. She is definitely worth the 5-star rating in your iTunes Library.

4. John Bellion

You may recognize his voice from his collaboration with Zedd, called “Beautiful Now.” Before that song Bellion had released three mix-tapes, all of which include his signature rapping with an electronic twist. His music style is similar to Owl City’s song, Fireflies (talk about a flash back).

5. Colemann Hell

Now that his most listened to song “2 Heads” has made it to iTunes Radio, Top 50 Alternative Songs, it scores 2 Thumbs up for being the ultimate party/feel good song. Although this song has more of a summer vibe for the beach, we can still use it for some Friday night fun.

6. Kiiara

Talented twenty-year-old Kiiara from Illinois leads a double life as a hardware employee and SoundCloud artist. SoundCloud strikes again and has her gaining thousands of likes and plays by appreciative fans. If you like electronic, deep house music with an alternative spin check out the talent Kiiara has.

Which artist do you want to listen to on repeat???  

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