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5 Crucial Words on Easter Brunch

Easter is quickly approaching, bringing with it high spirits and warm forecasts. While this holiday entails a wide variety of meanings, ideals, and traditions for individuals, depending on their personal beliefs and the communities they grew up and live in, there tends to be one common theme; brunch. For brunch is not just a meal. Although it is a brilliant excuse to indulge in really whatever food or beverages you may be hankering for, giving fat Sunday a run for its money, brunch is much more. It is a social affair, with a specific purpose, rules, and expectations. And Easter Brunch is no exception. As restaurants fill their reservations, and grocery stores empty their stocks of ham and chocolate, people around the world are preparing for this Sunday’s brunch with much anticipation. So here are a few words, or guidelines, to keep in mind as this Sunday rolls around.


1. You don’t have to be of a certain religious denomination to join the festivities. 

Easter, although it is a Christian holiday, involves more than strictly religious matters. The day is a great way to gather friends and family and enjoy each other’s company. Brunch is a social event, so whether you are coming from a church service or from your bed, all can find a place setting at the brunch table.


2. The Cadbury eggs on the table aren’t decorations. 

Granted a prominent part of brunch is the aesthetics of it – silk or linen tablecloths? Flowers or sugar confections for centerpieces? – those ridiculously addicting little eggs aren’t meant to be admired during the entire meal. Brunch isn’t intended to be the most health conscious meal, but rather a hearty cure for the mind and soul. So feel no shame in snatching up the little edible decorations lining the table, the real beauty in them is their taste.


3. However, just because lent is over doesn’t mean you can consume everything on the table. 

While it may seem that this completely contradicts the previous note, it’s really just an amendment, something to be mindful of as you enter your second hour seated at the table. There’s no doubt Easter brunch is meant to be thoroughly enjoyed, as both a meal and a social entity. Lent, if you chose to partake in it, is over, and you should be proud of the self-discipline and respect you had for yourself during the past 40 days. But just because it’s over doesn’t mean you should relinquish everything you worked towards. Remember what you gave up, whether physical or mental, and more importantly remember why you chose to do so. What did you gain from it, whether positive or negative? Embody these lessons or knowledge rather than divesting yourself of everything you worked towards the past few weeks.

4. Pastels are in full bloom, Spring is finally here; embrace it. 

Easter, while it is a commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, is also a celebration of spring. Flowers are starting to pop up, and their bright, jovial colors are contagious. If you’re not one to don a Lilly Pulitzer pastel printed skirt that matches your daughter’s dress and compliments your husband’s bow tie, this still applies to you. Harbor this happy mentality not only in what you wear, but also in your attitude; finding joy in the community this day brings you into.


5. Don’t talk about the Easter Bunny 

After an exhausting Easter egg hunt, you and your fellow brunch mates are hopefully doing the responsible thing and hydrating with some mimosas. And as the conversations start flowing, one must remember that there are people of all ages in attendance, some of whom may still be believers in the bunny. And there are few sadder sights than a child finding out the Easter bunny isn’t real. On Easter. At the table, in front of everyone, right after they’ve found their Easter basket the bunny brought them. So go ahead and engage in great conversations over some great food, but avoid the subject of the Easter bunny. 

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