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The Love and Pain World I Learned By Noa Danesh

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hunter chapter.

And in the dream in this

Serious love world love and pain world –

I learned astrology.

Somnambulistic solipsism;

Whose light is distorted whispers:

They always shine they will always shine.

Who is born in Los Angeles 

And dies in furious Los Angeles.

The path is wide enough for two directions of people 

Make sure not to stand still.

Your true name is called only when none can hear it not even yourself.


It’s something the poem does.


You don’t need that much money 

But you will work your fingers shorter to make it.

You like the work it allows you to enjoy play.

Paint your rooms only crystal white 

You’ll enjoy decorating them more in your mind.


Decoration is the key to the destruction of anxiety.

You will whisper “let there be light” and nothing will ever be the same.

You’ll carry all your books in one suitcase 

and all your clothing in another 

and all your jewelry in the next.

Take your time, the planets line up cyclically.


Never fear, and nothing is ever lost;

Although you will never walk the same steps again in this life.


This poem was written by Noa Danesh, a Hunter College Muse Scholar.