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How to Survive Back to School Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hunter chapter.

School is back and whether that means you are feeling slightly anxious or are already hella stressed, here are some survival tips to help you through the first few weeks.


1. Make time for a lil R&R. Syllabus Week is the best week because you usually have the least amount of work to do. Take advantage of this extra time by doing things that relax you. Take a long bath, read a book or binge your favorite Netflix series. Enjoy your last moments of freedom while you still can!


2. Get ahead. Nothing is more stressful than reading over your syllabi and seeing all the work you have to do. So why not start early? Reading a chapter or two of a book that’s due in a month will help make you feel not so overwhelmed. Plus, there’s nothing worse than falling behind at the beginning of the semester.


3. Make a list. Getting organized is a great way to curb stress because it gives you all the control! Start with small tasks that are easy to do like purchasing a textbook needed for a class or signing up for a new club and work your way up. Once you start crossing things off, you’ll realize that you’ve got this and there’s no need to worry!


4. Accessorize your stress away. Okay, I know they say you can’t buy happiness, but buying cute planners, pens, laptop covers, etc. sure makes it much more fun to go back to school. My personal favorite part of back-to-school shopping is finding the perfect backpack. Agenda and stationery sets don’t just look cute but also help you stay organized! Check out brands like Ban.do, Muji, Paper Source and the OG Lisa Frank for products that will make going back to school much more exciting.


5. Make time for friends. One of the best parts about the summer ending is getting to see your college friends again. Maybe they lived too far away to see them over the summer or maybe you both just had conflicting work schedules. But now that you guys are back in the same place, make sure you actually get to see one another! Having fun with friends will make you both feel much better because chances are you’re feeling just as stressed as they are.


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