It's Kind of a Big Reel: The 45th Annual Humboldt Film Festival

Did you know that Humboldt State is home to the longest running student-run film festival in the world? This spring marks the Humboldt Film Festival’s 45th year!

This year’s festival features films from around the globe. Local Filmmakers Night kicks of the festival, followed the next day by a new addition to the festival: Young Media Makers Night. Filmmakers between the ages of 8 and 22 will showcase their films, which already won awards in The Young Media Makers Big Screen Showcase.

Award-winning filmmaker Tasha Oldman judges this year’s competition alongside Sean Coda, the music composer whose melodies can be heard on “Bratz: The Movie,” “Legally Blonde,” and “Race to Space.” Remember Disney’s “That’s So Raven?” Yep — he wrote the theme song!

Festival Co-Director Kristyn Delgado found it difficult to keep everyone, including herself, motivated throughout the process.

“Since this is a student-run festival, certain priorities have to [be] set, so it was difficult to keep not just myself but the Film Festival class in check to make sure they were doing their part and making sure the festival will come together,” she said.

The senior sees the bright side of working on the festival, as well. Delgado added the title of “co-director” to her resume thanks to the actual work experience she had gained throughout the project.

“Since I am in charge of publicity and fundraising, I have learned how to not only branch out and get the word out about events but also how to plan events and communicate,” Delgado said. “It was really hard to do at first, but now I feel like a pro.”

From the looks of it, Delgado’s hard work will pay off. With the first night of the festival just days away, the school is buzzing with excitement.

“It’s going to be epic!” Delgado said.

Check out the schedule below to see what the festival has in store.