Dressing for Humboldt

School is back in session. You’ve got your pens, paper and books, but how is your wardrobe doing? If you’re new to Humboldt County and Humboldt State University, you may have noticed something a little dreary — the weather. Infamously known as “Hills and Stairs University,” HSU has its share of cold days and marching up all these stairs when the weather outside is frightful isn’t exactly a walk in the park. While living here might mean that you can’t rock a crop top and short shorts every day, don’t throw your warm weather staples away! Make them Humboldt friendly with these tips.

It can be cold!
The weather goes from nice to nippy real quick so be prepared! Jackets and sweaters are a must for living in northern California. The sun shines through from time to time but you can always count chilly days throughout the year. Check out HSU’s student store for warm gear that sports school spirit! For those of you that are not
ready to put your dresses away just yet, try pairing your favorite frocks with leggings or tights.

It can be wet!
Rain, rain, go away. Humboldt is notorious for its misty mornings and constant downpour. Make sure you stay dry by keeping an umbrella handy and investing in a good pair of rainboots. Scarves and hats can be especially helpful when trying to keep your hair dry. Avoid smelling like a wet dog during class by wearing a chic trench coat.

It can be tough!
When it comes to putting our puppies to the pavement and traveling across campus to get to class, it can get painful fast. The stairs and hills can wreak havoc on your muscles so be sure to wear shoes that protect your feet and support your ankles. Sneakers and hiking boots are a good choice but if you would rather have footwear with a little personality, Keds shoes can have pretty good arch support and come in tons of trendy styles. You can also buy inserts for your favorite shoes to make them more Humboldt friendly.